Adventures in SL 2.0

everyone has been weighing in on the new sl 2.0 and i’ve been too busy to really go though and see what i like and dislike about it. i tried it on the day they brought it out and spent about 10 minutes it in and it left me with a sour taste in my mouth honestly.

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lucas and i were wandering mainland. we found this odd little japanese club out on an island in the middle of nowhere. it was really nice and they had these great couches that we fell in love with >_> ended up buying it and its loveseat for our house!

53/365 have they lost their mind??

lucas and i have been given the opportunity to build a sim for someone! i was pretty shocked that someone actually was crazy enough to give us free reign of a sim but we are very thankful for the chance to really try something new! (and i’m just kidding about them being crazy, we are capable of doing this :p) lucas has some really awesome ideas for this place and i cannot wait to see them out of his head and into actual virtual space. he build all of our stores (and they have always been cool) as well as our home. this stuff makes me excited and impatient but the wait will be worth it! its also kinda practice for hopefully someday in the future when we will have our own sim… *daydreams*

anyway so i’m going to be busy for a while, so don’t expect to hear much out of me until we get this stuff done X-x not that i write in this thing anyway.

wtf is nimil doing???

dear second life,

i have been going crazy for a while now and i apologize that you have had to be a spectator to my breakdown. yes i know that there are a bunch of “you cannot see this picture” images all over my blog now, as i hid my entire flickr stream and then made it public again.. nice one me… you’re a retard.

i also deleted my plurk again, i don’t know if i will reopen it at all or at least any time soon. i am not ment to be that social.

so what am i doing right now? well i’m trying not to go crazy because of my rl problems and i’ll skip the details on that because its not all that interesting. but i will make it. i’m working on some things inworld and learning more about making clothes and its been fun, and tiresome, and a bit of a let down… honestly, i’m not that good. i’m not going to sit here and lie and say i’m the fucking best… i’m mediocre tbh. but i am always happy when people do like what i make and wear it and blog it and all that stuff.. so thank you to those people because you make my day.

on the menu for now, half a million corsets with tutus.. yes.. i went a little crazy. they all kinda look like this. sorry just a link and no picture on the page because flickr will eat my face if i don’t censor that boob and when i mark stuff as moderate flickr won’t let you see it if you’re not logged in. but yeah.. i made that in harley quinn style and some basic colours.

also in the works, hopefully some things for the pink shirt day thing in april. i still need to get in touch with december about that but its a really great project and if you are a blogger or a designer you should really look into it. bullying is a horrible thing in both lives and we should all do what we can to stop it. i was bullied for a long time in my real life as a kid for the simple fact that i didn’t go to church, which to me is a ridiculous reason to beat up a kid… and i’ve been bullied in second life as well by grown adults who think its fun to treat others like worthless shit. and to them all i will say no, you will not knock me down. i will always get back up and dust myself off.

anyway ok i didn’t mean to make some sort of crazy soapbox stand there. other than all that i have no idea what i am doing. i haven’t really done anything amazing with pictures in a long time. if anyone is interested in commissioning me, my calendar is mostly free. i’m attempting to save up for a new computer so anything would help.

welp that’s about all i can think of to write. off to photoshop.