ok i suck lol

i have a half finished review that i need to finish before i can post it. so much for every wednesday eh?

just wanted to post right now to mark that today is my 10th month with lucas and i still wub him to pieces.


gobble gobble

yes i know i mentioned in the last blog that i would review something every wednesday and yes that is still in the works, but thanksgiving was this week so i was busy.

lucas made awesome turkey hats and handed them out to the LuNi Designs Group. didn’t get one? well you have to be a member of our group, and the only way to be in there is to purchase something :p.

we had a lovely thanksgiving dinner and invited our friends but sadly only 2 of them could come. still we said what we were thankful for and then sat at the table with our animated forks and exchanged photos of us in our noob days. nada excluded since she was only noobish for an hour before i got on and bought her skin and stuff lol.

now that thanksgiving is out of the way i’m going to try and focus on making some new stuff for our store and hopefully we’ll have a shop or two in world in the near future.

also on the list for things to get, ram for my computer because i really wanna play with windlight :p


ok i think my resolution for the new year is going to be to make this blog not suck lol. yeah that probably won’t happen but i think i’ll try to post at least once a week.made the layout all wintery cause it’s getting cold out there.

we had a wonderful halloween party in october, which i forgot to blog about, so here’s photos from it:

king and queen
party!danse macabre

it was a great night and we thank all that took the time to show up on such short notice 😀

windlight first look was opened to the public at the start of the week and wow is it cool…
acid sky
unfortunately, using those sky settings lags my pc down to 1fps 😦

and of course this is also a downer.. my laptop can’t even support shaders… so i get this:
my laptop using windlight...

not even a cloud for my sky 😦

anyway i’m not sure what else to write. got to go to irl work pretty soon.  i think i’ll do a review on wednesdays… that should get me blogging.