how to (possibly) get viewer “3” to work

i’ve noticed a few people have mentioned on plurk that they cannot get the newest LL viewer to work for them. i had this problem too, and i was given a solution by oriana kuhr that helped me get the stupid thing to work. this work around is for people who have a 64bit windows OS.

when you install the viewer, it will most likely install it to the default x86 program files folder. for some reason this is causing problems with the viewer, making it strangely unstable, or just not even run. for me, i couldn’t get the damn thing to even load past the login screen.

to remedy this, you must install the viewer outside of that x86 folder which is so simple, even a blingtard could do it.

when you are installing, and see a window like this:


just click in the box and edit out the (x86) portion. (ignore my drive letter, i install second life viewers to a different hard drive)

your box should now look like this:


just hit install and the rest is as normal!

i hope this helps some of you get your viewer to work!

Edited to add:

more tutorials are popping up for other issues with this new viewer. if my work around doesn’t work, try this!

change your DNS to combat lag – QueenKellee


One Click Vacations

sheesh.. i haven’t written since july…

a couple of weeks ago i asked people on plurk to provide me with slurls or landmarks to their favourite sims in second life. i went to each of these sims and took one photo that i felt represented the sim in my eyes. and now i’m sharing those with you!

One Click Vacation - No Salvation

No Salvation (must be adult to enter)

One Click Vacation - Sway Land


One Click Vacation - Alirium


One Click Vacation - Zaara


One Click Vacation - Tempura


One Click Vacation - Lost World

Lost World

One Click Vacation - Rust


One Click Vacation - Wastelands

The Wastelands

One Click Vacation - Koreshan


One Click Vacation - Elven Mist

Elven Mist

One Click Vacation - Hamona Island

Hamona Island

One Click Vacation - Legion


One Click Vacation - Innismouth


One Click Vacation - 6pi


One Click Vacation - Cake


this was a very fun project! and i got to see a bunch of places i’ve never been to before which was awesome. i’m sure i will do this again, so if you are friends with me on plurk be on the lookout when i ask for favourite sims!