keeping nimi sane

me mali and some water

mali is keeping me sane until lucas comes back on wednesday. so far i’ve had broken merchandise, and my dad took a trip to the hospital (he’s ok now). and i still have another day to go!



going crazy part 1

lucas is stuck offline for a few days and i’m already going nuts.. its only been a few hours since he left and i can’t sleep 😦 i’ve been on sl twice, changed my avatar’s complete look about 10 times, played other videogames, tried to make a halloween freebie, and sat here looking blank.

i know he’s coming back in a couple of days but its so LONELY without him around 😦

lucas goodiebag outtake

hurry back ❤

GODart and more…

so the GODart opening party came and when and i had a great time! there was tons of lag and tons of people but everyone managed to move around enough to see the art and enjoy the music. and i even snapped some pictures.


loglady even put out the collector’s case from the twisted hunt! that was a shock but so awesome to see XD.

so later after all that happened, lucas and i went with a couple of friends to a fashion show at the DC district, which is owned by our friend drakon cortez. everything was going well and we were watching the models when some chick jumped onto the catwalk and then flew away… so we figured he bounced her or something. but moments later the entire fashion show area was covered in griefer particles! i have to admit it was kinda funny but i feel really bad for the designer, models, and most of all drak X_x but he bounced her ass out of there and the particles went with her. it was so weird though… its been a long time since i’ve seen an actual griefing lol. back when i was a noob they were everywhere… now its so rare.

speaking of fashion…

la ultima festival (by N I M I L)

la ultima fiesta is now available at our store! this is my second dress ever and i am so proud of it. i’m really getting the hang of this clothing stuff! there’s a white version of this too but i’m partial to the black :p so go check those out at our store or on xstreet!

weenie cocks

no not really but that was the most recent search result someone googled and found my blog, so i figured i’d make it the subject.

i really have nothing to blog about.. well ok yes i do, but i dunno if i can blog about it yet lol. i have goodies for october! i succeeded in making a dress *dances* and it is awesome. i also made some skins, and lucas is making a skin as well! we have some other goodies still in the works too so its going to be a great month at LuNi.

i however think i may have streached myself a little thin. 2 commissions, 2 gallery submissions, 1 gallery opening, and all the stuff i have to do for LuNi. can you say exausted? yes.. cause i can.

i love doing this stuff but i’ve really never had so much to do so now my brain is going WAIT! CAN WE JUST SIT DOWN A SEC!? and of course i’m telling it hell no cause i have deadlines bitch. *breathes* so yeah.. its an interesting month so far.

for those interested in the gallery stuff i’m doing.. the gallery opening on the 11th is the godart show put on by freakshow. its going to be their last show which makes me sad cause they were awesome and prefer different forms of art instead of just the same happy go lucky shit that won’t let me submit anything because i invoke emotions they don’t like. no i’m not bitter… anyway.. yes.. godart opens and its going to be good. i hope everyone who can, will take a moment and see this show. i think it is a great opportunity for everyone involved to tell their own individual stories and i am really excited to see the work that everyone has done. hell the note card that goes with my piece actually made me cry… and i wrote it!


there’s the poster, which is pretty cool in its self. so you know the show is going to be awesome.

the other galleries i’m going to be a part of is the new cienega soon vampire exhibit. lots of people in that show that i admire so i’m very greatful to be a part of this one as well. also.. vampires! definitely up my alley :p there’s a clickable lm giver to the location in our store if you want to go take a peak at the set up but the pictures are all blacked out until the show. the last gallery is some personal work for my landlady/friend aiko gaea who is setting up a cool art exhibition area on her main sim. i’m doing pictures of her and her girl’s plus maybe a few more.. all the pictures showcase various fetishes (i let the girls pick their faves) not sure when that one will be done (i need to get those finished!) but i know its sometime this month.

PHEW! so much work! and now i need to get back to it…