End of the year roundup

so tonight, 2008 comes to a close and i figured i would celebrate it by doing a little round up of some of the exciting things i did this year.

in march we really started stepping up production for LuNi Designs. i started learning to make skins using the great Eloh Elloit templates

in june i tried my hand at making an art installation at brooklyn is watching. i felt it was very awesome but they didn’t seem to get it sadly, but i expected that.

june was also my 2 year rez day and i celebrated it by changing up my avatar’s look a little bit.

july brought more new work for the store.. i made my first tattoo, graphophilia. lucas turned 2 years on july 4th and we celebrated with a crazy party under the arthole gallery.

august brought some very cool changes. first i was accepted as a guest artist for the opening show of the artist park. then my rl birthday happened with a really kick ass party, which lead to the grand opening of our inworld store in tainted hearth. i was also an honorable mention in the hair fair photos contest and got to get a sneek peak at the hair fair the day before it opened!

in september i was asked to be a part of the “REJECTED!” show and had 2 of my pieces in that show.

october brought the vain ghost hunt which netted us a ton of new fans as well as some new friends 😀 the ghost hunt was great fun and we can’t wait to be a part of the valentines’ hunt!

october also brought the 1 year birthday of the island we call home. isle of shadows had an all out full day party with some really great live musicians and dj’s including me :p

sadly october also brought about the beginning of the end for tainted hearth. LL announced that they would be upping the fees for open sims.

the end of october saw our massive halloween party which almost didn’t work due to some sim complications, but in the end we had a great time! oh yes and i got partnered 🙂

in november we gave out turkey hats to our group and left a vendor in the store. keiko morgi loved them so much that she used them on her models during her runway show at the hotel dare!

and december… we were asked to be in post 6, and we dedicate it to the memory of tainted hearth, as the photos were shot there.

sadly the sim will be deleted tonight or probably in the morning. and with it, a part of us will go too. but we have wonderful memories of it and always will.

anyway that is my little round up of the year. i hope that 2009 will be a happy one for everyone who reads this, as well as for myself, and my partner lucas.

my new years resolution is to change, for the better, in some ways.. but not others :p cause somethings will never change *puts on a rude shirt and prepares to party*


in your memory

this is a post that i was dreading to write because i am not very good at dealing with death stuff.

2 years ago on this day, i lost a very important person in my life. i knew her as minx, and as fauna, but her real name was tanya

i woke up that afternoon with the intention to completely avoid second life, as i just tend to get to breaking point around december… but i recieved an email saying that i needed to log in immediately, that something bad had happened…

minx… tanya… had died of a heart attack that morning, just hours after having a long conversation with arahan… we were all crushed, in shock, unable to really comprehend what had happened. she was so young! only in her early 30’s.. and such a wonderful person…

to me minx was like a mother figure. she was always kind and gentle towards me and never had an ill word to say. she helped me deal with crap i was going though and never turned her back on me when i did my usual basket case bullshit that always ends up losing me more friends than i can count. she was always there and suddenly she was gone…

i regretted avoiding second life, i regretted not getting to spend more time with her, getting to know her better, i felt like such a horrible person, and a horrible friend, and i still do, to this day, regret that i only knew her for that short time.

my last memories of her are happy ones. i’d gone to her and her partner jorus’ christmas party days earlier, she even gave me the sweetest gift. a snow globe that i still put out every year as soon as december arrives.

i met minx earlier that year though her partner lupus (later known as jorus), who had been a friend from the angry ant. when the angry ant closed, a bunch of us found a new hang out in minx’s club “the minx den” and i had my first second life job. it was though her that i met arahan, who i still concider one of my best friends.

2 years have passed since she was laid to rest and i still feel a part of me is missing from her absence. it also reminds me glaringly, to cherish those who are still a part of my life. i am horrible at doing that sort of thing, and i apologize to those who have to deal with me on a day to day basis.

i don’t think i will ever find another person like minx. she was one of a kind. the world is less without her here.

today i went to her memorial site, i left a copy of the freeview tv she gave me when the minx den closed, full of photos from when we were all together. i miss that time and place in my life… i miss that family… i miss you minx…


Lucas + Nimil on post 6, and other junk

just wanted to link this 😀 lucas and i were recently featured in the herald as a post 6 couple. enjoy a little history about how we came to exist in this strange new world, and of course, some nudity :p oh and for those who are curious, the “i’m really a man” shirt was made by me, and i hope to set it up for sale soon. and no i am not really a man.

thank you bunny for letting us be a part of this! i’ve been reading the herald for a long time now.. yeah it’s not really a respectable sl newspaper but its amusing and i like things that are amusing.

the article is also great because the photos were taken in tainted hearth. those who don’t know, tainted hearth was built to be a darkly themed sim featuring some like-minded content creators. sadly, because tainted hearth was built on an open sim, the owners do not have the money to continue running it at the new higher price that LL has set. so tainted hearth will be returning to the depths at the end of this month. we dedicate our post to the sim, and it will be sorely missed. please go visit it if you have not, take a moment to enjoy the art that has been placed there, and make some memories of your own before it’s too late.

i guess i seem a bit silent recently, people may have noticed i’m not logging on as much anymore. i’m taking a little bit of a break. the holiday season always takes a toll on me and i tend to get grumpy and bleh… but i am hoping to work on a few projects and try to get better at some things in the coming year. my new years resolution will be to try harder, to not be such a basket case, and to be a bit more tactful with things. the things that come out of my mouth are sometimes not the best choice for situations.. but i am learning to curb that.

anyway, happy giftmess and enjoy your new year.

seeking out new worlds

sometimes you get a little bored with second life.. and you want to branch out, maybe find new worlds and new adventures… some turn to WoW.. some turn to IMVU.. but today i decided to try a random place i saw on a banner ad when i was playing a puzzle game on gaiaonline.com.

let me introduce you to missbimbo.com!


in missbimbo.com your goal is to become QUEEN BIMBO OMGkladsfasdksjflakfjdj!!!!!! it sounds easy but it’s really not. you have to get your parents permission to sign up, mine said no, but i made an account anyway 😉


you start out cold, almost naked, and friendless.. it’s kinda like second life. unlike second life you start out with 1k bimbo dollars to make yourself more um… bimbo-tastic. its tempting to go on a little shopping spree because of course.. this default avatar girl will not do.

browsing the shops i noticed that you can buy all kinds of things.. even drugs!

buying drugs yay!

and of course i was very shocked when i realize they just had to be spying on me some how! as they knew that i lived with my parents!

how did they know???

this game will also help teach your young daughter (or son) how to be a gold digger when they are old enough to have a boyfriend 😀

money means i love you???

gee i hope someday i can find a handsome hottie boyfriend who will give me money every day just because he loves me! *bats eyelashes at lucas*

the site also has games where you can earn iq and bimbo dollars but i found this wordgame to be pretty tough!


wtf is a “lasket”???

and this is where i get off…


after denoobing myself, i soon realized that this world was just too expensive.. and my mom wouldn’t buy me more bimbo dollars so i will never be queen of the bimbos… 😦

Bare @ Rose Appreciation week? yes please!

kay i am too lazy to be a real blogger but i figured since there’s a bare rose appreciation blogger challenge going on i would take a moment to show this:

can has barerose

so this is my bare rose folder… i’ve been a customer of bare rose since i started sl 2 years ago and they weren’t even on their own private island yet! as you can see i’ve amassed quite a collection. not all of it was purchased though.. some of it was won from raffle balls, some of it given to me by friends but a huge chunk of it was bought. and i wear it often XD

hell behind the wall of inventory screens there i’m wearing gl gungirl which i just bought a couple of days ago and haven’t had a chance to move into the bare rose folder.

so yes i think i appreciate bare rose quite a bit hehe… its really amazing to put on the old stuff and then new stuff and see how the store has grown and evolved over time. everything there is amazing.

so i got tagged..

i rarely get tagged so i of course am doing this meme :p

i was tagged by the diva so here you go,the meme was to go to the 6th page of my flickr, and find the 6th photo and blog it:


this is a picture of keeran as he was floating over the dance floor during the end party for musa artis exhibition. he had to leave early so he was going to destroy his build first and i hadn’t even had a chance to alter my windlight settings so it’s all bright and cheery :p i don’t know keeran very well but he’s an all right guy from what i do know about him.

i suck at tagging people for this but i will tag anyone who sees this and has not done it yet :p