so life went crazy and i couldn’t get on for a while but i’ve been back for most of the month and just now getting around to posting something here :s

lucas and i celebrated our 3 month anniversery on the 29th of march. i think we may just be the cutest sl couple ever created. aw…

happy 3 months

currently we are living in a box in the sky on my friend foe’s land. haven’t been doing much second life related stuff because i have the worst videocard on the face of the planet (i was using my now ex real life boyfriend’s computer but now i’m on my computer and it sucks) but soon that will be fixed and i can create things again and take prettier photos.

lucas and i have joined forces to create a new company called LuNi designs. notice the play on words there… so cute! anyway so all of my stuff will be switching over to the new name/logo that we have going. and there will be new stuff! because he is bad ass at animations and he’s really quickly learning how to make stuff. more on that when it happens.

not much else to say.