where the hell is nimil now??

yes i’m a shitty blogger. i go for long stretches of time without any sort of communication. sorry…

if you pay attention to my fashion blog, that’s where i’ve been blogging mostly. i haven’t had much to say about sl that wasn’t me shopping so eh..

i have been taking pretty pictures and becoming more comfortable with shadows and the kirsten viewer. i still use a regular viewer (at the moment singularity) for day to day second life, but kirstens has become my photo tool.

recently i was comissioned by an old friend for a couple of contest photos, here are the photos i did for her:

Malificent Berkson for Hucci and N-core spring 2011

this is for the N-core and Hucci contest

Malificent Berkson Contest Photo Fullsize

and this is for the hugo’s designs april photo contest 😀

mali is a delightful model and i love working with her.

also going on in my life, i am a meeroo mommy O_O if you noticed on my fashion blog, i have been playing with the open beta meeroos for a bit now! i’ve only got 2 rezzed cause i didn’t really want to end up with a huge truck load of them to start out with. my 2 had a baby this afternoon and now i have 3 😀 they are adorable and i need to take more pictures.. i guess that’s a reason to blog eh?

other than that, not much to say. learning a bit more about tools to make sculpties and someday meshes, learning a bit more about texturing…

i really need to come up with a new layout for this place >_< maybe that will make me want to blog more…