the continuing adventures of clothing making

so to my delight, so far everyone loves the jeans i’ve made, either that or they are just kissing my butt :p but at any rate i’m really happy and i can’t wait to get these things out for the general public to buy! i sent a group notice with a special pair of the jeans last weekend and the response was good.

to continue my new found clothing skillz i made a tank top. pretty basic stuff but it looks great, and its next on the list to go out in the store.

click for full view

its really amazing to me how much better i’ve gotten. i have no idea where i’m suddenly getting this burst of awesome but i hope it continues at least for a while! i’m actually PROUD to wear something that i made all by myself! and that’s really a first.

i’ve been shopping a lot lately which is always fun! but i haven’t been coming up with any cool outfits for forced midnight, so my friend mali and i made ANOTHER (yes another..) blog where we are going to do some look of the day’s that aren’t forced midnight related. and we even talked lucas into joining so hopefully he’ll do some posts for the guys (if he ever posts). mali will also be ranting about ugly things, and giving some tips and advice. i’m going to stay out of the mud slinging i promise.

i’ve also been clubbing a bit! yes that’s right.. i’ve actually been leaving my house 😮 (who is this woman and what has she done with nimil?) started wandering over to GOL 8 early in the morning when i can’t find anything to do and i’ve been having so much fun! mali comes with me and we sit on skype laughing about some of the crap people wear there and stuff… last night we forced lucas to come with us and he decided to wear a dress! it was great and mali even convinced the dj to play goodbye horses for me, which is a very old and obscure song that you might recognize from silence of the lambs. yes i am weird and i love that song D: it was very appropriate since lucas was in a dress..

at least he makes a pretty man in a dress ❤

so last night was all giggles. i need more of that. i forget how to laugh sometimes, and i really thank you guys who have stuck with me even when i fall off the fun boat.

i can’t believe i didn’t post about april fools! see how much i suck lately? well last year and the year before lucas and i dressed as eachother for april 1st but this year we decided to blingtard out. i didn’t get many photos but i did get a great one of me and mali on a street corner being hookers.

makin dat money

it was pretty hilarious. we went to a bunch of blingtard places and all in all, i don’t make a bad latina hooker.

i’ve been pretty uninspired photography wise so not much coming off the flickr stream lately. but here’s what i’ve done recently to round out the blog tonight.


sakuradon't forgettarissathe day the whole world went awaypromiseapocolypse pleaseVampire Heart


fear me! for i have made pants!

so the on-going clothing making quest has continued and i’ve finally made a pair of jeans! i am so excited because they are actually good enough to sell!

behold! a preview of things to come 😀 (the jeans anyway…) they aren’t super amazing or anything but for me its a giant step forward. so yay perhaps i will finally tackle the art of making clothes.

in other sl news, i’m thinking of offering my services as a photographer/photo-manipulator to the grid. but i’m not sure what to charge. the packages would include photos by me in either studio or out in the field, and then i will take them into photoshop and turn them into something awful unique in my style. customers would have options of letting me go nuts (which means you’ll probably end up being a dead thing) or they can tell me exactly what to do to the photos, which of course would probably end up in less death. also customers would be able to order things like large mounted prints complete with frame, modeling portfolio books, profile photos, contest photos, ect.

my only limits are that i won’t photograph you in places i dislike (don’t worry that list is small i promise) and i won’t photograph anything against the tos.

anyway i’ll probably write up a big old page for this site about it once i figure out how much i should charge for this kind of thing. any ideas?

last thing before i close this window and attempt sleep. it seems my blog is number 87 on the second effects : list of sl blogs 2009. pretty crazy to begin with that people would spend that much time compiling a list.. but also crazy because i’m on it. :p this blog is just day to day garbage lol i have nothing important to say here. but thanks to those of you who do read my blog, and i hope you enjoy it.

thats all for me.