today was the day

the other half of my soul was found.


4 years and more to come ❤




nothing special today. spent all day playing wow.. borked up my spec and have to re-spec and re-gear… that’s what i get for playing a class i’ve never played before.

12/365 : mini me


this is my child alt that rarely sees the light of day. i was inspired today by arwyn’s blog post about tom boy kid avvies and it made me want to go give mine a makeover. and i finally got her an ao!

yes you might notice, my kid alt is a neko! shocking i know.. and she does have a tail but it got hidden by her leg.

maybe i’ll start playing a kid more often.

10/365 and 11/365

if only i could remember to blog these after posting them! ugh!



i have been deep cleaning my inventory this past week. i’ve boxed up a lot and i’ve deleted a lot of junk. i still have a ton of folders to get though but i’m hoping that if i can delete some junk and box some junk and put away some junk then maybe just maybe i won’t have so many problems with teleports. mind you these problems only happen on the old style ui so if i wanted to just be lazy i could just stay on 2.0 clients but imprudence is way too stable and never crashes and i hate crashing, so i am still staying on the old client.

the top picture there is an old costume i bought from a japanese shop. its a character from the anime “rozen maiden” and i never wore it, not even once lol i bought it because i am an anime fantard and i wanted it because she is my favourite character from the show. today it got boxed up.

the shoes on the bottom picture were my staple shoes for a looonnnnnggg time. i used to think these were the greatest shoes on the face of the planet. i loved them so much and i seriously wish someone would take the idea and redo it with sculpties and stuff.

these also found their way into a box.

my inventory is down several thousand items since i started this mission impossible. hopefully i can kull a big chunk out of it before next year X_x