happy anniversery…

11 months today… one more and we’ll be a year old. i love you lucas with all my heart 🙂


ha… i forgot to post here..

oopsie >_> my bad… didn’t post for a while. been busy with sl xmas shopping!

i got a ton of really awesome presents for my close friends and i plan to blog about all of them after they all open them (so i don’t spoil anything)

did a dj set on wednesday, only a couple of the friends i invited showed up but that was expected since the damn grid was down half the night and i spent a good hour stuck naked in my house freaking out lol

lucas and i are building… kinda… hopefully we can come up with some stuff that is cool and what not 🙂

dunno what else to post. i have to work irl on xmas eve and xmas *cries* so i will miss all the good parties…

Wednesday Review: SL Social Networking

ok so some of you may know (and most of you probably don’t know) that i am a nerd who enjoys joining social websites. even if i don’t do anything on them, i am all over the net, because it used to be a means of entertainment for me before i got on sl and now that i am on sl, it’s a way to keep in touch with the outside world XD

so of course there are sl social networking site! and i am probably on all of them if not most of them. so tonight *looks at clock* i plan to review social networking sites catering to second life users.

the first site on our list is second life profiles

main site | link to my profile

this site is set up pretty much like myspace. customizable, blogs, photos,  comments etc. the profile is broken down into 2 seconds. first life, and second life. giving you a chance (if you want) to tell people about both your lives. the photos are also split like this which is kinda cool if you want to show people who you are in the real world

it’s down side is.. just like myspace, alot of it’s members are.. well… barbie dolls. which is ok, but… i get tired of the sparkley comments!

second on my list is sl.me.com

main site | link to my profile

pardon that profile, i’ve not updated there in a LOONNNGGGG time.

this site is alot like the other site. typical sl myspace. the home page is a bit more interesting, giving you stats about who’s been looking at your page, as well as ratings on how hot you are (aparently i am only a 6??!!!?!?!) and info on new group posts, new friends blogs, etc. you have the ability to customize things on the page to a crazy degree. even adding new boxes to it as well as colour styles and what not. the photo section allows you to make albums whee!

on the down side.. again… sparkley comments from people.. as well as a freaking text limit on the about you section! UGH! i hate text limits!

the last profile site i’m going to hit tonight is a new one that i just joined after reading about it on ryker’s blog.

this site is called rezzednet

main site | my profile

this site has already got my attention just by the fact that it is produced by aubreTEC Labs who happens to be one of the best defense creators in sl. (hello i love psitech)

beyond that, and my fangirling over the aubretech thing, this site is very nicely made. a good clean web 2.0 layout and it seems like so far the people who have joined are more of the intellegent sect of people

another cool point is that you have to register in world! very cool!

also albums and all that junk yadda yadda

it’s cool! lol

anyway that’s all of my blah blah blah’ing today. feel free to add me on any or all of those profiles.