waiting on the update

figured i should post something heh.

lately second life has been pretty fun. since quitting my dancing job and getting rid of unwanted drama, i’ve been hanging out with new people and doing some fun stuff!

a group of us from the old crimson falls rp sim have come together to start a rp game in suffigium. while we are not the official rp group for the city, we are probably more active than the real group. i am on the creative team :D! so cool. finally get to rp something that i know and love. whee!

now for today’s fun photos.

me with the awesome psyra! one of the great non-human avatars in second life 😀

here you can see him smushing me and my twin brother. such a mean draggy :p

:p not to mention a cold blooded killer! hehe just kidding.

during my bored travels i managed to find this little gem:

isn’t it awesome!?! 7-11!!

i also found the end of the internet:

this is my new friend foehn! we’re crazy >:3

she is really fucking tall!

she and i hung out in a mall with uh.. this person…

yeah i’m one of those weird kids who hangs out on the fountains at malls and makes you feel awkward by staring.

sl boy got on too and i caught him and put him in a stasis tube so he cannot leave me again! hehe just kidding, this is his home tp in my sky lab 😀 ❤

speaking of my sky lab

there it be. that thing on the roof is me hehe

ok update just came online but there is  traffic jam so i’m currently waiting in queue to get on :/


and then sl went boom.

so we had an attack of the grey goo last night, which sucks :/ i was hoping we’d seen the last of it. tonight the database sploded or something cause it died and we all got kicked off sl.

boredom has left me sitting here pondering what to do. ugh. before the kick, i was dancing around like a dork at sanctuary rock (which is an awsome rock club btw).

due to dramalama, i no longer live where i did, and instead live 670m up above grendel’s children, in a skybox abandoned lab. i’ll take some pictures later after i finish furnishing it up a bit more.

did a little makeover on myself. my real life boyfriend loves it haha and why? well, because i look like the baroness from gi joe.

anyway i think i’m pretty cute looking. the glasses really suit me.

tossing over the idea of joining crimson, but not sure if i really want to or not. i guess i’ll mull it over more when i can get back on SL.

for now that’s all i have.

another day…

ah, wonderful day on sl today. seriously, except for the fact that my sl boyfriend is not around as much as i would like, and except for the fact that people suck, i had a pretty good day.

spent time working on my matrix character ‘glitch’ who has been a long time comming. i was just too lazy/poor to make her. but now she’s alive! whee!

the wonderful and talented psyra extraordinaire was around while i was fiddling around with the costume and he made me some awsome matrix code scrolling eye lenses!


other than that i was a lazy dork. bought some hair, explored the crimson empire which is a roleplaying place near where i live/work. it’s actually pretty damn cool and i’m concidering joining up.

my sl twin seth showed up briefly and i caught an adorble picture of his dragon giving my dragon a smooch.

we are the dorkiest siblings ever.

ok to bed with me!

wow second life…

is so very fucked up. drama flying at me around every corner it seems heh…

not going to talk about it here. it’s private.

erm.. anyway, second life has become a strange jumble of weird. i have an sl boyfriend. yes.. OMG NIMIL DON’T YOU HAVE A REAL LIFE BOYFRIEND??? yes… yes i do. but he and i are being odd and exploring things on sl, which is safer than us doing so in real life. he and i love each other but we’re bored. so explore we shall. currently i’m dating my friend jimmy, who almost everyone around me hates… haha. but yeah… he’s a sweetheart to me and that’s all that matters :p

need to get off my ass and make some things, slacking off terribly in that department.

that’s about it for me.