my favourite place

you know… i opened this program on monday to do a blog challenge post on my favourite place in sl. but for some reason i could not come to one specific place that i concider my "fave". i mean.. my house, for one.. is a favourite place…


i have the ocean before me, photos of loved ones, big smushy couches, and the skylab…

but a girl has to leave home once in a while…

i like midian a meeting

one of the first roleplay sims i ever joined.. i still go there, to people watch.. and on the odd occasion play my quirky little rat girl…


i like water in second life… i don’t have the ability to see the ocean in my real life.. so being able to go and stand on a rock overlooking a stormy sea when ever i feel like it is really a great place…

how i spent my summer vacation

i love rl places rebuilt in second life! i have no idea why… but sometimes it’s fun to visit something real in a world where everything is fake… sort of tethering i suppose.. and reminds us that we still cling to worlds we know even in a world of imagination.

so here it is on sunday and i’ve finally decided: sl is my favourite place.




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Opening THIS coming Saturday 12pmSL and will be open for a month

Keiko Morigi
Stephen Venkman
Mecca Merosi
Divine Tokyoska
Hiro Edelman
Raul Crimson
Shui Shui
Kimberly Mirabeau
Zinc Karas
Khamudy Mannonen
Ganymedes Costagravas
Dingo Utorid
ByrneDarkly Cazalet
Nimil Blackflag

please note, poster made by silverdrake sparrow

do try to come and see this exhibit! the images here are shocking and disturbing.. but beautiful.

a moment of mush…

saint lucas

thank you for always being there for me, even when i am trying to kill you. there is no possible way i could be in this life without you

you're all i can see

you hold me still when all i want to do is run in terror from everything around me.


you’re the only one who knows what i mean… you’re there when the whole world is falling to pieces…

i can't sleep

when i can’t sleep you’re there to lean against and watch over me until my eyes flutter closed.

i love you too

i feel like i don’t say it enough. but I LOVE YOU.