Photography by Nimil

i have been a photographer in second life for the majority of the time i have been here, and i have always wanted to offer my services to the public. my style is edgy, dark photography.. emotional portraits that breathe life (and death) into its subjects. these photos are NOT for the timid. not interested in the dark side of things? that’s ok! while i mainly focus on that, i do have the skills to do normal photography and post work as well.

i can do in studio shots as well as in locations, modeling portfolios, couples photos, and even good old profile pictures. you chose everything if you want, or leave it all up to me! i am willing to do all styles of photography even the kind that may squick out most regular photographers. i am comfortable with taking more sexually explicit photos than most photographers will do, so do not be afraid to ask if you are interested in something like that!

i do have the ability to work with shadows in second life, and use these frequently!

the only work i absolutely will not do, are morph photos where an avatar’s head is placed on another image’s body. i also refuse to do any images that would break the second life TOS in any way, hate or racist images, images that abuse children sexually or physically, or images that glorify substance abuse. (when i say glorify i mean making it seem cool or ok to do, i am not opposed to someone drinking or doing drugs in am image if the image is about the downsides of such substances or if it is a horror scene)

my turn over time can be a bit slow due to real life but if you need something fast please PLEASE let me know in advance.


revamping this section!


my rates are non negotiable, you are paying me for my time both in the studio, and in photoshop. all sessions will carry a 300L$ sitting fee that is non-refundable. this sitting fee will not be waved for any reason what so ever.

500L$ – single person, blank backdrop in colour of your choice, minor post work (fixing errors in sl mesh, hair clipping, etcetera)

700L$ – single person, blank backdrop in colour of your choice, full post work (painted hair, extra highlight and shading, etcetera)

1000L$ – single person, background of your choice (either added in post work via green screen or shot at a location), full post work.

please add an extra 200L$ per person if you would like a couple shot or group photo.


if you have any questions please feel free to im me inworld (nimil blackflag) or send me a notecard! i do recieve offline messages to my email so i can see them and respond even when i am not on second life. you can also send me an email at


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