i hate change!

though its pretty much inevitable i hate it all the same. so much is going on in second life and its really driving me batty. i’m not good adjusting and i try to find myself a safe little hole to stay in and when that gets disrupted, everything turns upside down on me for a while.

right now is a time of change in second life, in so many different ways. get ready for ramble.

meshes are still a go, but we’ve lost qarl. 16 and 17 year olds will soon be coming into our world and who knows what that will bring. it could be nothing or it could be a shit storm. i am relived to hear that they will be locked to general grid areas only but that doesn’t stop disgusting people from communicating with them in ims. and yes i know 16 and 17 year olds are not idiots, i know you kids know about sex, i know you kids know about a lot of things. i was a teenager once too. the main problem is, while you might not think its a big deal, the media does, and so we now have a responsibility to make sure that second life doesn’t come off as a pedo-haven. i mean seriously, the media went nuts over ADULTS pretending to be children, how fast do you think they are going to latch onto this new change and milk the non-positive side for all its worth?

yes i am paranoid, live with it.

i cant’ say i’m overjoyed to hear about kids being on the main grid. yeah i know there are some decent ones. some have already transitioned to the mg by turning 18 (arwyn quandry and katharine barry are two that i am really glad to see still kicking around on second life) and yeah there’s probably some that will be joining us who are under age who are cool (smiley barry of course, is the only actual teen grid person i know anymore lol) but even if we are getting some great teens who are innovative and intelligent and possibly more mature than our normal adult mg residents, we will most likely also be getting the brats, the assholes, the script kiddies of the future, the copy botters who ripped off our stuff and brought it to the teen grid to begin with, and who knows what else. so no i’m not exactly thrilled by this announcement.

i’m also not thrilled by the stance of Q linden at the SLCC. telling us that we need to step up and say what’s wrong. where the hell have you been? how many people have to stand up and say uh.. this viewer is shit, before you people actually acknowledge it? we aren’t just complaining because oh you moved a few things around, no you’ve completely upended all of us and even new people can’t get the hang of this thing. a new browser should take someone like me, who’s been in second life for 4 years now, a few minutes to get back into the swing of things. here we are months later and i’m still using torley’s tutorials if i want to even try to use that thing. we have stood up Q, where the hell were you?

and while i’m on the subject of viewers let me just say how completely disgusted i am at the recent emerald drama. i feel so completely lied to and betrayed by these people. i gave them my trust only to find out that i have been lied to, and possibly compromised! all the times i have brushed off people who’s opinion on emerald seemed so paranoid. i kept thinking that if LL had them on the list, then they must be compliant and nothing dangerous could possibly happen! but no, that was not the case. first i read lordgreggreg’s post about secretly encrypted stuff in my viewer of choice, and then find out that they also used that viewer to attack someone’s website. both of these are big fat NO’s in my book.

i refuse to use something that i cannot trust. even if what lordgregreg’s post was about was just a butt hurt dev trying to defame (which i don’t think it is, i honestly think he is concerned with security here.) i still do not want to be caught up in some kind of retarded viewer drama. i am very disappointed that they have somehow managed to sucker in not one but 2 ex-lindens to help them out, and i hope that those ex-lindens will take the time to research what they are getting into before they are too deep to get out of it. these people seem so very immature to me..

looking into things it does seem like one dev may be a scammer in other communities, and that furthers my opinion on why i need to switch clients.

i apologize to those who i have brushed off and called paranoid for their opinions on the emerald viewer and its devs. and i apologize to those who i have recommended this client to, because it is surely not safe to use.

for now i have switched to imprudence, which is a very good substitute for someone coming off of using emerald for pretty much an entire year now. one of the dev’s from emerald is someone i was friends with on plurk and i remember her talking about it in its beginnings and so i chose to check that out before any other client. its great so far and it seems like the team is mature and actually focused on making a viewer instead of making a fool out of themselves. and weekly builds really show you just how active they are at fixing problems and working on new ideas.


where is our world headed?


for the past 4 years second life has been a second home to me and over that time i have watched it change in both good and ugly ways.

recently there have been all these lay offs, which i cannot really understand. i do know when layoffs occur it usually means a business is in financial trouble, but with all the privately owned sims and people still paying premium account membership fees i can hardly believe that we would be in that much hot water money wise…

so what is bringing on all of these bad decisions? does anyone know? not even phillip linden would discuss it during the recent "town hall". instead it was more disappointing hype and a supposed promise to make things fast easy and fun.

today saw another linden lost to the axe, and this one shocked me beyond belief. of all the lindens to get rid of, they got rid of qarl?!? i’m not saying he’s better than any one else working at the lab but he is the father of sculptie prims and that only leads me to believe that we are not going to get meshes, or flexy sculpties, and that’s pretty disappointing. sculpties revolutionized our world and gave us so many more options for creating.

i wish that we could have some answers. what did we do to deserve a collective cold shoulder from LL?

i’m not a doom-sayer and i don’t think the end is nigh… but i think we are looking at some hard times ahead.