where is our world headed?


for the past 4 years second life has been a second home to me and over that time i have watched it change in both good and ugly ways.

recently there have been all these lay offs, which i cannot really understand. i do know when layoffs occur it usually means a business is in financial trouble, but with all the privately owned sims and people still paying premium account membership fees i can hardly believe that we would be in that much hot water money wise…

so what is bringing on all of these bad decisions? does anyone know? not even phillip linden would discuss it during the recent "town hall". instead it was more disappointing hype and a supposed promise to make things fast easy and fun.

today saw another linden lost to the axe, and this one shocked me beyond belief. of all the lindens to get rid of, they got rid of qarl?!? i’m not saying he’s better than any one else working at the lab but he is the father of sculptie prims and that only leads me to believe that we are not going to get meshes, or flexy sculpties, and that’s pretty disappointing. sculpties revolutionized our world and gave us so many more options for creating.

i wish that we could have some answers. what did we do to deserve a collective cold shoulder from LL?

i’m not a doom-sayer and i don’t think the end is nigh… but i think we are looking at some hard times ahead.


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