long time, no post

oops, i didn’t mean to stay away so long i promise! i’ve been having some off sl time lately to try and clear my head and figure out some real life things, so i haven’t had much to blog about lately. however, recently i amazed myself and built a small installation at Brooklyn Is Watching (see the BIW blog post about it here). it is hard for me to really put my thoughts and feelings into words but images and music i can express things much easier, so i left that at brooklyn is watching and it seems to have gotten a good response.

recently arahan left the flickr community and really i cannot blame him because every day it just seems more and more like a big stupid popularity contest. really if i had the space online somewhere to upload all of my sl photos i would most likely become rather scarce on there myself. kham made a good point though in saying that without flickr alot of us would never have met eachother, however sadly, there’s alot of people that i would never like to meet lol.

the whole flickr deal really raises the question of what you concider art. personally, art to me is something that bares the soul, touches a part of us, makes us think, or expresses something which words alone cannot. mindlessly photoshopped images of avatars in modeling poses are not art.

so what else has been going on? well i turned 2 on the 11th of this month! so i’ve been in second life for a full 2 years now :D! it’s definitely been an interesting 2 years. i spent the earlier part of my rezday visiting old places that i used to go to when i was a noob but most of them were gone which kinda sucked… and then i spent some time with friends and lucas, and it was a nice night.

some of you may have noticed that i am not the same looking avatar that i have been for 2 years, i’ve given myself a new shape which i feel is more “me” like… not really real life me, but i think it does me justice more than my previous one.

i don’t think i have anything else to talk about so i’ll end this here.