Something that’s pissing me off recently

content thieves who are SL Mentors! seriously.. WHAT THE FUCK??!?

recently there was a post on shopping cart disco about someone stealing celestial studio skins. that thief’s profile stated that they were a mentor and yes they were in the official SL Mentor group! just the other day someone on my plurk feed mentioned someone had attempted to clone something of theirs but the script had alerted them that it was being cloned, that person doing the cloning was ALSO an SL mentor..

so what the hell is going on? why are thieves being made into mentors??? is this why theft is so rampant in sl these days? thieves teaching other thieves how to skirt the system… it’s so… depressing… pathetic really.

it’s taken me 2 years of hard work to get to the level i’m at now. i’m not a great designer, and my stuff definitely isn’t top quality, but at least i can say i made it myself.. without being a thief. at least i put some effort into it and didn’t just rip off someone else’s prims.

there. that’s my ranting for the day… it’s just really pissing me off to see people who are supposed to be teaching new sl residents being thieves and taking money away from people who actually do work in sl.


ok and now a post about halloween

puppet and master

so this was our second annual halloween party, last year’s was a great success and this year’s was even better!

this year our personal theme was puppet and puppet master. our venue was a giant doll house, decorated with shadow gears on the dance floor, and huge puppet master hands holding marrionette controls, who’s strings hung down over us as we danced.

pre-halloween party 2008 pre-halloween party 2008 we had some great costumes at the party, the winners of our costume contest were daphne abernathy and dazz anvil. both won special edition skins which are not sold in our store and have never been seen before. halloween party 2008 of course everything started out with chaos. we had some teleport issues and at one point the island was completely inaccessable! i was stuck there all by myself and lucas was stuck in the corner of a near by sim! but the night ended well, and after all of it, we had a wonderful time. you may kiss the bride i also made time to get married that night 🙂

fantasy meets reality

there’s a blog challenge going on and actually i’d already done this about a year ago i think lol…

the blog challenge was to make your avatar look like yourself, well i’m too lazy to take a fresh photo so i’ll just post one that i have.

fantasy meets reality

i’ve always had a little bit of my real life self in my sl self. of course that changes drastically because i am a shape shifter and i can make myself appear as many things, but my original face shape and has always been a pretty close match to the real me. i’m not going to try the body shape because sl’s sliders are not kind to those with large bottoms lol

at any rate i figured i would share this :p if nothing else it gave me something to update this blog with. i really should write about the halloween party and stuff but i’m lazy…