damn you SL grid!

so i got all gussied up for the wicked contest at the minx den:

and wouldn’t you know it, the grid goes down for maintanance just long enough for us to not have the event at all :/ now i have to wait until next week to show off. *shakes fist*

work is going well though πŸ™‚ i’ve made a ton of tips and pay is not bad either. plus they don’t mind me being a weirdo which is good, because i have some crazy outfits.

tomorrow night is fantasy and i’m going to wear nimil πŸ˜€ whee!

also my tablet should arrive soon which means better looking clothing! yay!


she’s finally finished…

since i started second life i’ve been on a quest to make an avatar version of my namesake, nimil. last night i finally succeeded. nimil is a character of mine that i created 5 years ago for a roleplaying game which evolved into a story and several other things. her story is a very strange and wonderous thing.

here are some photos i took of her at the apollo gardens

πŸ™‚ i am so proud to finally have her completed.

a job, and more!

ah so i was lazy and neglected to write after my birthday blog…

i have a job at the minx den πŸ˜€ i dance on a table lol. not really exciting i know but it’s fun and i love that sort of thing! you get to meet all sorts of interesting people as a dancer. and no i’m not a stripper. i dance, i don’t disrobe.

like so:

i think i am in love with that dance ball.

so of course this is mostly to fund my shopping addiction as well as allow me to upload things that i make.

speaking of upload, i put about 4 or 5 new photomanipulations out forsale last night πŸ˜€

my old rp buddy devin (truessence on sl) finally got second life, and i showed him were i work. then i ended up with blackmail!


dancing on my table.. tisk tisk.

oh and of course today i took a trip to the gritty kitty store at “the block” got a lovely waste management shirt with a rat on it. and found this adorable kitty head bed thing.

i couldn’t resist trying it out. i like living dangerously lol *squeeks*

i made myself a rat tail and rat ears to combat the millions of nekos on SL. maybe after i perfect them i’ll release them to the public, but for now, i am the only one. here’s a nice shot of my ass that i photoshopped a little:


i wish my real ass was that nice lol

well that’s about it for me.

goodbye to you

my favourite club in second life,the angry ant, closed tuesday, even though most of us were very against it. in the end it was the owners decision and most of us (except for a few who spent the entire party irritating us with boxes calling sarah selfish), had a lovely last night party on the 20th.

here’s some pictures from the event:

the celebration. i'm dancing with nox there.

celebrating the life of a great club. that’s me dancing with nox (the guy in the black cape)

heavy arms (nox again) table dancing. that’s me in the background. my last table dance 😦

my last table dance. wearing some of the chaosspire necromancer outfit that vivian bought me for my birthday. caile is pole dancing, something that we’ll probably never see him do again lol

dancing with caile before the party ended.

i feel weird now. i don’t have a club to go to when i’m bored. i feel too shy to go hang out in the big clubs like everyone else is doing… the angry ant was small, and we were all like family there.

i miss you guys.

new creations from me.


armsocks in 3 colours for now (more comming) black, green and purple.


green and red striped tubetops with skulls. (more colours comming soon)

all of these can be found on my online stores (check the blog roll for the links) as well as my ingame store, located in the wolf haven mall. just look for the green stall πŸ™‚

creativity strikes!

the 10L$ upload fee is a killer! i suddenly figured out how to make more than tshirts and now i have a ton of clothing sitting on my hard drive waiting on me to have the cash to upload it all 😦

thankfully i managed to get a few of my creations out there. i have a store in wolfhaven mall now. well.. not really a store, more like.. a stall haha. but still, it’s something to start with. my tshirts are still selling like mad. aparently people like the ones involving strippers. hehe. i made a tubetop, and some armsocks, hopefully they will be popular as well!

a while back i found nyla from the house of nyla, and told her how much i loved her designs and how i would buy them all if only i had the cash, and not long ago she sent me a full lingerie set! and this was no freebie… this was a 300L$ set O_O i am so very greatful for this!

a good friend of mine gave me an angleroo! i love it so much *huggles av to pieces* i’ve been terrorizing furry land with it. getting asked all sorts of weird questions. especially since i put tentacles on it. i made some that glow in the dark πŸ™‚ hehe

hm. what else… OH! i was asked to be a mod for the SL-forums πŸ˜€ i hope i can do my job well and not be hated lol.

that’s all for now πŸ™‚


LL is closing their forums, which i for one think is a very stupid move. the heart of any multi-user game is the community. the forums do get some stupid arguments and for that reason i say they should just close down the chit chat sections and leave the parts that help us. like the section to ask questions about problems, and the sections with tutorials for creating things.

i can’t understand why LL keeps slowlyΒ  pulling away from their users. it’s like they don’t want to know what we think. very sad if you ask me.

on the plus side of life, i have started renting a store but i don’t think i like where it is. it’s very new and doesn’t seem to get much traffic. :/ i might move but i’ll wait until my rent is up. i’m also going to stop renting my apartment out. i don’t see a point to having it. i don’t bring anyone to it.

i need new ideas for things to make and sell. tshirts are getting old. everyone can make them, and my ideas aren’t very original.

adventures in gaming

today has been a lovely day filled with lag and grid crashes. not to mention an asset server problem that knocked us all off for a little while.

i’ve spent my day poking around game places looking for decent lowlag slingo/tringo/spot matrix places to wile away my boredom. no luck. i returned to my usual hang out for slingo/tringo, icedragons playpen. but unfortunately it was lag hell today.

headed out to bewitched and played pizza pizza for the first time. it’s.. interesting. i’ll definitely play it again.

not much else to say. :p just trying to remember to post on here more.


ah i’ve created drama. how lovely :p

pretty much all i did was catch a freebie seller in the act, and now her “mistress” is contacting me because apparently this girl can’t stand up for herself or something. i posted about it on here