pictures of you

here are some recent photos i did of lucas which i am rather proud of 🙂


he’s looking very rawr…

last night my dear friend codebastard redgrave had a really awesome opening party for her gallery boudoir rouge. there was undies and pole dancing and gorgeous photos of some of second life(tm)’s best known ladies. you can see the exibit at the code red lounge, or in her flickr account.

thank you for having me 🙂

codie party


and we made more!

new releases from LuNi Designs!

LuNi Designs : Dead Girl Skin

Been chased around, beat up, and left with that “dead” feeling?  Put a little horror into your metaverse.
Based on cinematic dead girls of past and present.

Skin includes dead girl eyes, for that extra touch of creepy.

Demo (demo does not contain eyes)

Purchase Skin


LuNi Designs : Bandages

Fun, bloody, and bloody fun… these arm bandages are the perfect accessory to any wardrobe in need of some damage control.

Bandages are full mod and copy, for easy resize.

Full Set

Arms Only

Legs Only

what more?

yes more, because i forgot to blog when we added “love kills” to the store.

love kills is an attachment with ao. simple wear both pieces and viola! this idea came from when i was watching a girl at work tie her valentines day balloon around her neck. wish i’d thought of it BEFORE valentines day, but this works for all occasions.

in other news, Linden Labs dropped the bomb on residents that we can no longer use it’s brand name without proper symbols or what ever, i dunno i wasn’t paying attention. i’m pretty sure it only pertains to things which gain a profit, which of course this blog does not.

hmmm arahan just sent me an invite to an art hole group. this should prove fun. more on that as it happens.


yes i forgot to write for several months again :s but i was fired from my rl job a couple of days ago so i guess i’ll start posting more.

lately i’ve taken up making skins. with lucas’ help i’ve designed some rather monsterous additions to the skin world, using the another skin full perm psds.

holy crap that’s alot of work! and all of these just came out this month!

we’re really stepping up production and hopefully soon we’ll have an actual inworld store to show off our new creations!. as always you can find everything by LuNi Designs at our slx page

in non product whoring news lucas and i celebrated a year of marriage last week and we’re well over a year together as well 🙂

back to creating!