29/365 happy 3 years

29/365 happy 3 years

29/365 happy 3 years

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3 years ago today, i made a decision that changed my entire life, both inworld and in real life…

today was the day that i decided that i loved lucas, and that it was more than friendship. today was also the day that i decided to return to second life. it was on this day that i was planning a bit of an avatar suicide. i was sick of dealing with crap and i just really saw no reason to log on anymore… and then i got a simple email.. an offline message, asking me to come to a garden.

i’d just met him weeks before, but the moment we met i knew there was a reason for him to be in my life… and so i took him up on his offer, and i went to that garden, i sat, and we talked, about mutual unhappiness with things and people and what not…

i found my soulmate and i’ll never let go.


Just Say No To Internet Censorship

No Clean Feed - Stop Internet Censorship in Australia

i am very thankful to live in a country where censorship is very minor, and we have the right to freedom of speech both online and off. but unfortunately it is not the same all over the world.

moggs oceanlane is raising awareness to this completely ridiculous plan that her government is attempting to put into action. its ment to protect children from inappropriate content however it also punishes adults who are doing nothing wrong. it is not the government’s place to decide what is right and wrong to look at online or what information one can access. it should be up to the individual to make that decision. parents should pay attention to what their kids are doing on the internet and that’s it!

if this law goes though, austrailia will become the 4th country in the world to have centralised internet filtering, joining china, iran and saudi arabia. as well, the filtering will not only limit what austrailians are able to access but it will also significantly slow the broadband network and it is likely to cause an increase in price for internet service.

what can we do to help? well if you are an aussie and you agree that this is complete bullshit, write your government! let them know what you think! spread the word to your friends, get as many people involved as you can! you do not deserve to be filtered out and cut off from the world’s information.

other ways to raise awareness (stolen from moggs’ blog):

  • black out your online profile pictures. overlay your profile pics with a black layer and display the #nocleanfeed text.
  • inform your friends via your social networks- if you tag your blogs or twitter posts, use the tags nocleanfeed and if you wish, openinternet
  • sign this petition being run by Electronic Frontiers Association

lets help austrailia maintain a little piece of freedom.

21/365 – meet mephisto!

21/365 - meet mephisto!

so callie cline dropped this ticket on me and said it was a limited edition alien bunny and i tossed my “no breedable pets” rule out the window >_>

i’m not breeding him because he only makes normal babies, and i don’t want to pay for the food lol but since pet food is pretty cheep i decided to keep him!

so yay limited edition alien bunny ❤ i named him after a demon because he looks like one!

14/365 – congrats ryker!

14/365 - congrats ryker!
ryker is about to go live my dream of moving to london ❤ i am so jealous but i am really excited for you!

crappy picture cause i was running out of time for this thing XD she’s on the dj booth there.

12/365 – Protip:

12/365 – Protip:

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don’t come to my house, break in using sit, activate my bed’s poseballs, and tp in your friend to fuck/cuddle/yiff/what ever the fuck you are doing… and then become upset when i BOOT YOU OUT OF MY HOUSE.

noobs, learn early… if it looks like someone’s home, it is. don’t go in! how hard is that? and non-noobs, you should be smarter than that…

i just booted and banned two people who were fucking on my bed while i was offline. our doors are locked and the only way to get in is to sit on something with a sit target, so really there is no way you can accidentally end up in the house or think that it is public property. it even says private property in the title bar!

and don’t bitch at me after i boot you out of the sim for tresspassing. and don’t send your friends to bitch at me either, and tell me that the rules don’t say anything about private homes when they seriously have a whole section in there about them! and no i’m not the owner of the sim but she gave me permission to boot, ban, grief, or shoot anyone who comes into my home uninvited. and i’ll excuse the friend they tp’ed in because they were 5 days old and had no idea what was what.. but the other person? not a noob. no excuse! i have no reason to be “reasonable” to people who break into my house and use my furniture uninvited.

meh.. i logged on to do a 365 picture but all i got was this rant.