a whole other side of life

at the beginning of may, my mother died suddenly, leaving behind a lot of unpaid bills, worries, and regrets. while i won’t talk about that here (as i have already said plenty on the subject on my rl blog) i wanted to write about what i’ve been doing recently.

since my mom’s death, i’ve been exploring parts of sl that have interested me for a while, but i never really got involved in. i have this sl kid alt that i dusted off as a way to hide and cope with mom’s death, and i’ve just sort of fallen in love with the little character that she is.


juliet is a ten year old who lives in the care of my friend fenni, in a house full of meeroos and sugar coated cereal. her best friend, romeo, takes her on trips around mainland and she repays him with hugs (and then promptly says ew)

i’ve been a kid avatar off and on for a while now, but never really dedicated an avatar to it. i used to just wear a different avvie on my regular me, and use that, but i really wanted to have an avvie that was just a kid, with only kid stuff in inventory, and a different home than me, and all that good stuff. so juliet was born. and then i forgot about her… and then i dusted her off and made her pretty 😀


i’m a weiner!

yay we won

i’ve won my first photo contest! i meant to write about this earlier but i haven’t had a chance. the photo i took for mali won the hugo designs photo contest and is in the june issue of toosexy magazine on page 148! even though they really never mention my name, i am really proud to have won this 🙂 this is the FIRST TIME EVER that i have won a photo contest! i got honorable mention in the hair fair contest years ago, but this is the first time that a photo i took WON something…

today i am five

5 years ago i set foot on a grand new adventure into the strange world of second life. along the way i have gained good friends, learned a lot about making stuff in photoshop and 3d programs, found a lot of self confidence i thought i had lost a long time ago, and found the love of my life.

today i celebrate 5 years of sticking with this place, even though others would yell and shake fists at the lindens, and picked up sticks out of rage.

this place is my home and i love it so much.