LuNi has a flickr group

this has actually been around for a while now but i forgot to plug it! so if you have any LuNi Designs products and you’ve taken photos of them, we’d love to add them to the group! there’s no limits to how many photos you can post so feel free to join and flood šŸ˜€ just as long as the photos contain at least one LuNi Designs item somewhere in it, it’s eligible to be added!

not much else to say, just wanted to let people know that existed.

oh yes.. one other thing i forgot about. i’m making video demos for our animated objects (love kills, suicide talker, stop talking, etc) so people can see what the products do before they buy them.. because i am a nerd with fraps.. and i can lol



saturday i was pleased to be witness to the opening of the new arthole gallery by arahan claveau and nebulosus severine. these two are good friends of mine and impressive artists both inside and outside of second lifeā„¢.

arthole was comprised of 3 levels the first and second of which were shared by arahan and nebulosus while the third level was given over to the crazy mind of ichibot nishi who’s installation was MINDBLOWING.

one of the highlights of any installation by these three is the creativity they show in making non-static art pieces. from the spinning pages of arahan’s journals, to nebulosus’ giant television, and ichi’s case… floating breast spheres. these folks bring 3d to their artwork in a way that is both appealing and in no way boring. some of the pieces were even interactive! (try colliding with arahan’s “shoot me” piece head on and watch the colours change)

after checking out the art we were treated to a great (and unplanned) party dj’ed by arahan and nebulosus, which ended up with some of us dancing in our undies hehe.

if you are part of the arthole group, don’t miss the chance to check out this awesome gallery! not a member of the arthole group? well you’ll have to take that up with them.

i took alot of photos so i’m just going to link to to my flickr account. they are all there

New From LuNi Designs! Doll Skins!

LuNi Designs LuNi Doll : Lacey

A little dead doll skin for you to call your own. Patched up and a little worn, Lacey is sugar and spice and everything not so quite right. Collect her and bring new life into this dolly.


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LuNi Designs LuNi Doll : Ginny

A little dead doll skin for you to call your own. Worn and handed down, Ginny would scream “everything old is new again” – if she could. Collect her, and make your own scary memories.


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LuNi Designs LuNi Doll : Rosey

A little dead doll skin for you to call your own. Cute, cheeky, and just a bit creepy, Rosey is ready for you to take her home.


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