how did that happen?

i was trying to come up with a good way to introduce the blogging world to the new adventure i’ve set out on in second life, but its just for some reason really hard to explain i guess lol.

only in second life can an adoption consist of two people saying “ok you’re mine now :p” and it be binding.

last week lucas and i added a couple of new members to our family. it wasn’t planned and i’m still not sure if it was a good idea (just kidding kids) but we did it and i’m really happy to have them in our life.


so second life, these are my kids. caesey and elijah. one is 6 1/4 and one is 13 going on 21 :p both of them are completely and utterly awesome and i feel very proud to call them my kids.

to some, second life families are weird, but i’ve never felt that way. i think here in this world where we can be anything, we should be allowed to be ANYTHING. and if you wanna be a kid well be one! i think its awesome. so far i’ve gotten to tour an elementary school (hke), attend my daughter’s dj sets (she rocks), run though the kids 50L fridays (they have one too! and its great!) and go to some pretty interesting places.

on top of that i feel peaceful! yes that’s right this has been RELAXING! yeah i know real motherhood would probably be hell on wheels compared to this but this has been wonderful. always someone to hang out with and talk to and everything is so happy and light. i’m really a big kid myself so i have always gotten along with children. i’ve just always thought i would be a crappy mom. and yeah i dunno if i’m being a good mom to them or not (only had them about a week or so.. so not sure)

i do know that i am one of those annoying moms who takes 283497294 photos and makes their kids pose on every friggin poseball in the family section of glitterati.

of course there is the down side which is stupid and annoying.. you can’t take kids to formal ballrooms without the embarrassment of having them kicked out even if they are dressed formally and the club is not an adult establishment (its not like they were having sex there.. they were playing jazz..sheesh.) so we’ve had a little trouble finding things to do with the kids that don’t involve standing in the skybox looking for things to do. what they really need is a family friendly website where people can list this stuff because its so buried under the mountains of FREE SEX!!! and business in a box shops that you can’t find anything worth going to.

ok i’m done ranting. in closing this family thing is really fun. i’m enjoying it a lot 🙂 no i’m not going to lose my evil side being a mom. my kids are devils.. don’t let the cuteness fool you. the first time i met caesey she was floating around our old shop last year wearing love kills (that’s the heart balloon with a noose), and my son likes to tell people we’re rock stars… so they are just like their mommy and daddy. and its slightly inspired me to make creepy stuff that kids can wear as well as adults.


silence is not a scream

this picture is from november 15, 2006, not long after the copybot was first introduced to second life. i was a noob when this crap started and at that time i was convinced it was the end of the world. this picture is even titled “death of a world”. everyone had started putting up these signs and closing up shops.  other places started adding those annoying spamming !quit boxes to their stores. designers threatened to quit making content until LL stopped the copybot threat. to my knowledge LL didn’t do anything about it back then.

that’s why today i’m blogging because i am against this silly “protest” people are doing where they are not uploading, not creating, not blogging, etc for 2 days… not doing anything is not going to get anything done. you are not shouting, you are being silent.

closing your doors shows the copybotters and texture thieves that you give up. instead i plan to go out shopping today and support creators! and of course, as a content creator myself, it is my right to say that LuNi Designs will not be closing at all during this 2 day boycott, so please do feel free to stop by and support us as well!

if you want to do something about theft, don’t shut your mouth, don’t stop supporting the content creators! instead, do something about it! report thieves! don’t accept ripped off content! make a stand by saying i will not be silent!