merry holiday season…


 so it’s that time of year again when people celebrate holidays of some sort. so merry holidays to you all.

i haven’t posted something important here and i apologize for that. my dear friend minx died at 33, a couple of days ago, of a heart attack. she is terribly missed by all who knew and loved her. my heart goes out to lupus during this horrible tragedy. i only hope he can continue on without her.

as for my second life? at the moment it’s on hiatus. i’m disinterested in the world inside my computer and i’m attempting to get more interested in the world outside my bedroom door. people asked me to reconcider but they don’t seem to realize, i need to go outside. being an introvert is no picnic. i hate it out there but i need to go so i can live like normal people. after a month i’ll probably visit sl again once in a while but never again will i become as involved as i have been in the past.