why i ignored your unite request

i’ve had an avatars united account since it opened back 3 years ago. i am a profile joiner.. if there’s a place to put a profile… i join it. so its been sitting there taking up server space for a while now, and was pretty much dead because the site was dull and no one was on it. recently LL acquired AU and as soon as they blogged about it, the masses of second life poured in.

since this acquisition i have been flooded with unite requests from both people i know and people i do not know. now i’m a friendly person… usually.. but seeing 20 messages a day from people trying to unite with you who have never spoken to you inworld or anywhere else (like say.. on plurk) it gets kinda annoying. i’m not on that site to collect names. i’m not there for you to collect either. so after those messages really started to drive me insane, i decided to only accept unite invites from people i actually knew, or who bothered to speak to me before adding me (or at least sent me a message with the invite!)

so far only 1 person has done that. a linden lol. so i’ve been ignoring requests daily and its started to piss me off. i have it on my profile that i only accept requests from people i know or those who take the time to speak to me before hand, but no one seems to read it. i’m sure these people are nice but i can’t be arsed to pay attention to eight billion people on a social networking site and i would prefer to keep it narrowed down to just those who are friends with me. one girl added me a whopping 10 times.. i have no idea why. i guess she was sitting there watching me not add her but if she can’t read my profile well that’s not my problem. no offence to her of course, i assume she’s a nice person, and i think i own some of her poses. but i’ve never spoken to her before, and i don’t want to be collected!

so, if you’re on AU, think about this before you add people.. take a moment to read their profile. if you don’t know them, take a moment to speak to them before you blindly click the unite us! button. and ffs if someone hits the ignore button on your request don’t send it again.

ok rant over.. that was just getting on my nerves.