365 roundup for day 30-37







why so much fuss?

a small thought as i’ve been reading though some crap spewed across our new CEO’s first (and as of yet, only) blog post.

there has been a lot of complaints about the new web profile that LL rolled out recently, and honestly i can’t understand the anger that some people are showing towards it. partly i figure its because people hate change, and yeah i hate it too but i honestly LIKE the web profile (i even hit the horrible facebook “like” button on my own :p). people keep mentioning its a privacy invasion, however no one can give me a straight answer as to HOW its invading your privacy…

first of all, your profile is not private, its public, anyone who sees you inworld can right click on you, and read your profile. if you don’t want anyone to read anything in your profile, LEAVE IT BLANK.

secondly, second life profile’s have been on the web for a while now. just not in the easy to find format that is out there now. see this link? http://world.secondlife.com/resident/cedc9be1-3dc9-4fc2-bdb4-db350803a851 that’s my second life profile. the url is not as easy to remember as my.secondlife.com/nimil.blackflag but it contains my information from my second life profile. which is the same as the web profile, minus handy buttons that i have linking to my twitter and sl facebook account. anyone can find theirs by going to search.secondlife.com and that’s been that way for some time now.

and look! there’s those “share” buttons that everyone is for some unknown reason getting upset about. so what if someone shares your sl profile? unless you have explicit info in your profile or picks stating “i am suzie smith from the real world!” no one is going to say, omg that nimil blackflag person is really my mom! (except i’m not a mom but that’s just an example)

and the share buttons do absolutely nothing to cause you to be impersonated, seriously all i have to do is type “i am lucas gerard, this is profile” and there, i’ve impersonated my partner. shock, horror… it didn’t even require a button click.

some of these comments they just make me raise my eyebrows and go “seriously? you are pissed about THIS??” because wtf.. are these people that ashamed that they are on second life? i can understand wanting your sl time to be your private time but like i said, unless you put your full name and address and what ever on your profile (and if you do you are seriously an idiot, get off the internet before you get yourself killed) you’re not going to end up with any privacy invasion.

one thing i saw that really made me go O_o was someone’s profile that says (and oh god i’m quoting your profile on the internet)


1) If you do you will have instantly "outed" yourself as an SL user to all your Facebook friends. You want that?? Really???

first of all.. outed?? that brings me back to the “are you ashamed of your second life” question… i’ve never hidden the fact that i am on second life. plenty of people know it. my parents knew when i joined, i still show my mom sl from time to time, my dad had an account but he only logged in once. my brother think’s its lame, my sister in law popped in a couple of times but her laptop sucks. so yeah… i’m not worried about being “outed” and really i think if you enjoy this place (which obviously this person does not since they said they were leaving due to this web profile BS) you aren’t going to be too worried if someone from the real world outside your computer knows that you enjoy running around dressed as a whatever you dress up as in second life.

maybe that makes me some kind of liberal anarchist griefer or something (insert your favourite word vomit here). WHO KNOWS!

i admit, LL has done some stupid things, yesterday they blew up most of the grid by eating a bunch of mega prims for breakfast, however, i have yet to see them do anything that would actually make me want to leave. kick them in the collective balls yes, leave, no. so if having your profile on a web page is going to ruin your sl that much that you have to moan about how you’re leaving in an un-related blog, just pack up and go already!

and i’m done rambling.