i saw shadows…

finally i have confirmed that my computer and new video card can in fact render shadows in second life. however.. it only rendered them in one room of my house AND i could not take a photo of them T_T as soon as i hit the screenshot button the preview that appeared was black and the tiny preview in the screenshot ui was void of shadows, and all lighting for that matter.. it just looked like the world in full bright (which is awful btw..) so i have no proof of my short glimpse of shadows.. but i saw them… they were beautiful.

it took me 3 tries, the first time i hit true on renderDeffered it paused the client and then jumped back to false. the second time i hit true, it made my screen go black and i had to relog. the third time though… SHADOWS. i squealed really loud and my mother told me to stfu. but i sat there and watched my avatar be washed in light and shadow from our tv room windows. i walked around a little and found that it sank my fps down to 4, which for me is not too bad as i only average about 10 here and on my old card 4 was max for me.. so i didn’t really notice the lag as most would. the only thing i didn’t like was that i had no anti-aliasing and everything was awful and jagged.. and my eyeballs were shiny. as i walked, i moved into another room and realized.. er.. no shadows here.. there were windows and the room was in a position that the sun should have hit those windows but the room was just blank. the back porch too, which is nothing but windows, had no shadows cast at all. just the one tv room where i had hit true in. then i tried to take a photo in the tv room and had all that junk happen, got angry and rage quit lol. when i came back shadows were gone.. just blank black screen when ever i tried to turn them on.

but of course this stuff is all still in what.. alpha stages? so we have a long time to wait for them to finish tweaking and roll out something everyone who’s card can handle it can use… i’m just happy i got to have a peak… and even if i can’t leave them on all the time, at least i know if they do fix all those weird problems, i can sneak it on and off like i used to do with windlight before i got a card that could handle that.


i’m feeling ranty

is nimil really that hard to spell?

i always thought my name was pretty easy to spell, sure its a bitch to pronounce right but spelling? it can be done with one hand. n i m i l. all right hand keyboard keys! so… why do i get called namil? numal? nimal? nami? etc?? seriously… i’d love to know. and its not like you have to guess at the spelling, its floating over my head the entire time i’m wandering around in sl. its right next to everything i type. hell if you have that much of a problem figuring out the spelling, open my profile and copy paste it from the name box there.

another thing driving me nuts today. breaking and entering… today i logged into my home, started looking though my SoM messages, checking out the group notices i had, all that good log in stuff, when i see that familiar green text:

name withheld: is definitely aroused

in my chat window.

ok i live on a bdsm island, and sometimes people wander around with their clicky bits out, so i didn’t think much about it.. until i took a moment to look at the avatar list that the emerald client is so wonderful to provide and see two avatar names in very close proximity to where i am standing.

yes that’s right.. they were IN MY BEDROOM. two “women” fucking on my 3000L$ bed. so i did what any sane home owner would do. i screamed GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE, and then hit the bounce and ban button. oh how i love that button, it is so rare that i get to use it, but when i do i relish the moment.

so anyway one of them im’s me with “ok.. sorry” to which i replied “learn to read, enjoy your ban” yeah i know i’m a bitch, but seriously, this is MY house, and it even says PRIVATE RESIDENCE in the title bar. you have no excuse… not to mention my doors are locked and when you click them it tells you that they are locked. so these people cammed in and sat on something in my home to fuck on my bed.

ok and i know noobs do this.. yeah.. i have no idea why noobs break into people’s homes, i never did.. but they didn’t even have the excuse of that. both of these “ladies” were from 2006. NO EXCUSE. so i hope they enjoyed their trip to the edge of the sim.

*breathes* ok i feel better now.

nimil’s random adventures in japan

i love japanese sims.. they are one of my favourite things to visit in second life. their stores are always awesome and their sims are always beautiful. so here’s the start of a new series i’ll try to keep up in my blog.

this time my adventures took me to a random location i found on the map called “Neet”.


the teleport point chucks you underwater though.. so your first impression of the sim is something like this:



the first thing you see when you arrive in neet is a convenience store that looks strangely like a 7-11 from the sign. the interior is pretty dead but there was a noose hanging from the ceiling as well as this turret camera… we had an interesting discussion on recycling…


the only really interesting thing to see inside the convenience store was this rack of really cute magazines, each of them look staged using second life photos of some odd pig avvie.. CUUUTTEEE


outside was a drink machine that i guess is a photo reproduction of a real coke machine in japan? having never been to japan i dunno if this is real or not but seriously, coke? could you please make american machines look like this??? so much cooler looking than boring old american drink machines.

anyway… moving on..


wandering away from the store i realized pretty quickly that this place is internet meme heaven.. my inner /b/tard squeed at the pit with the caution sign… (and yes i jumped down there and its just a hole)


then there was a pitstop for noodles


this place had a sandbox with some interesting rules.. i love engrish. seriously.. i know translating things from one language to another can end with you getting stuff mixed up.. but i love this stuff.


This sandbox is not a combat district.

Please do not obstruct the person who is producing the object

Please do not use an extreme script

grotesque image is strict prohibition”

i dunno about you guys, but i would love to find some EXTREME SCRIPT.. does that make the creator of the script an EXTREME SCRIPTER? ok i found that way more hilarious last night at 4 in the morning when i found this place…


i… have no idea what this was but it was in the sandbox and it made me lol


and this was just adorable.

and there ended my trip to neet because i had to go play WoW.. however it was a very awesome sim and it even had a gigantic tiny shop off to the side of the sandox.

slurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/NEET/235/236/49

super size me

a few weeks ago i noticed a bunch of fashion blogger people posting about a new blogger challenge where we are asked to make a more large sized shape of ourselves. i always find these challenges interesting because in real life i am not a small girl.. in second life i am just for the simple fact that its what i really want to be. right now i happen to be dieting my little brains out to get to a more healthy weight. so it felt a little odd to plump up my avvie, however i did it and the results were pretty cute!


Big Me (by //[Nimil]\)

answering some questions

something lately that has been annoying me, people popping up randomly and asking me if i quit plurk. well just to set the record straight (again) i quit plurk back in uh.. june i think? or july? i can’t remember anymore. anyway, yes i am no longer on plurk. not its not a break from plurk, i have no want or need to go back to that time sink of a website. if you really REALLY need to have a nimil fix please feel free to friend me in world and watch me log in and out of sl because i am anti-social and will never start a conversation with you. otherwise you can always watch my blog for when i have something interesting to say (unlike this).

sorry not meaning to sound mean, just irritated by that question over and over again. don’t we have more important things to do in our second life than stare at plurk? is it really such a loss for me not to be there?

in other news, yes i’m sorry i haven’t written. i’ve been pretty frazzled by the twisted hunt. the wonderful lab of lindens decided to push the adult content rating thing on september first which just so happens to be the day the twisted hunt started. so my poor land lady miss aiko had to deal with me and lucas trying to figure out how to get our customers into our store without breaking LL’s rules. we finally got it straightened out but of course, people who are not age verified (by payment info or 3rd party) cannot enter our store at all. we’re looking into getting a branch store somewhere, if we can find something we can afford. all of the money we have in second life is made in sl. neither he nor i add money from rl into sl, so we need to make sure the place we find is affordable and also reliable.

if you by chance are a twisted hunter and you can’t get into our store, please do remember to im either me (nimil blackflag) or lucas gerard, and we will have the gift sent to you. if you have payment info though, please do take a look at our shop!

on the happier side of the coin, i am really starting to get good at making clothes! today i made a new dress that i plan to put out very soon. we still need to put up the jeans and stuff that i made way back in march *taps foot and looks at lucas* but i’m sure we’ll get that done soon. i’m really starting to feel more confident in the stuff that i am making, and i hope it continues to kick ass.

no clue what else to talk about. anyway, see you in world.