nimil’s random adventures in japan

i love japanese sims.. they are one of my favourite things to visit in second life. their stores are always awesome and their sims are always beautiful. so here’s the start of a new series i’ll try to keep up in my blog.

this time my adventures took me to a random location i found on the map called “Neet”.


the teleport point chucks you underwater though.. so your first impression of the sim is something like this:



the first thing you see when you arrive in neet is a convenience store that looks strangely like a 7-11 from the sign. the interior is pretty dead but there was a noose hanging from the ceiling as well as this turret camera… we had an interesting discussion on recycling…


the only really interesting thing to see inside the convenience store was this rack of really cute magazines, each of them look staged using second life photos of some odd pig avvie.. CUUUTTEEE


outside was a drink machine that i guess is a photo reproduction of a real coke machine in japan? having never been to japan i dunno if this is real or not but seriously, coke? could you please make american machines look like this??? so much cooler looking than boring old american drink machines.

anyway… moving on..


wandering away from the store i realized pretty quickly that this place is internet meme heaven.. my inner /b/tard squeed at the pit with the caution sign… (and yes i jumped down there and its just a hole)


then there was a pitstop for noodles


this place had a sandbox with some interesting rules.. i love engrish. seriously.. i know translating things from one language to another can end with you getting stuff mixed up.. but i love this stuff.


This sandbox is not a combat district.

Please do not obstruct the person who is producing the object

Please do not use an extreme script

grotesque image is strict prohibition”

i dunno about you guys, but i would love to find some EXTREME SCRIPT.. does that make the creator of the script an EXTREME SCRIPTER? ok i found that way more hilarious last night at 4 in the morning when i found this place…


i… have no idea what this was but it was in the sandbox and it made me lol


and this was just adorable.

and there ended my trip to neet because i had to go play WoW.. however it was a very awesome sim and it even had a gigantic tiny shop off to the side of the sandox.



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