answering some questions

something lately that has been annoying me, people popping up randomly and asking me if i quit plurk. well just to set the record straight (again) i quit plurk back in uh.. june i think? or july? i can’t remember anymore. anyway, yes i am no longer on plurk. not its not a break from plurk, i have no want or need to go back to that time sink of a website. if you really REALLY need to have a nimil fix please feel free to friend me in world and watch me log in and out of sl because i am anti-social and will never start a conversation with you. otherwise you can always watch my blog for when i have something interesting to say (unlike this).

sorry not meaning to sound mean, just irritated by that question over and over again. don’t we have more important things to do in our second life than stare at plurk? is it really such a loss for me not to be there?

in other news, yes i’m sorry i haven’t written. i’ve been pretty frazzled by the twisted hunt. the wonderful lab of lindens decided to push the adult content rating thing on september first which just so happens to be the day the twisted hunt started. so my poor land lady miss aiko had to deal with me and lucas trying to figure out how to get our customers into our store without breaking LL’s rules. we finally got it straightened out but of course, people who are not age verified (by payment info or 3rd party) cannot enter our store at all. we’re looking into getting a branch store somewhere, if we can find something we can afford. all of the money we have in second life is made in sl. neither he nor i add money from rl into sl, so we need to make sure the place we find is affordable and also reliable.

if you by chance are a twisted hunter and you can’t get into our store, please do remember to im either me (nimil blackflag) or lucas gerard, and we will have the gift sent to you. if you have payment info though, please do take a look at our shop!

on the happier side of the coin, i am really starting to get good at making clothes! today i made a new dress that i plan to put out very soon. we still need to put up the jeans and stuff that i made way back in march *taps foot and looks at lucas* but i’m sure we’ll get that done soon. i’m really starting to feel more confident in the stuff that i am making, and i hope it continues to kick ass.

no clue what else to talk about. anyway, see you in world.


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