party party party!

so yes the shfc party was quite an event! first the party was delayed a little because for some reason the sim that the club is on was suddenly FULL! arg.. sucky. but thankfully sunshine and klink donated a little space on their island and arahan was able to get it up and running without it being too behind schedual. it was a great party and i met people that i’d only seen photos of on flickr or read the blogs of before 😀 lucas accompanied me and we had a blast.

i took many photos! so i’m just gonna link to my flickr account lol.

this is also a small plea of help, as my flickr is a freebie account and i have reached the 200 image limit for visible images… this means that only the newest 200 that i upload will be visible and the rest will be hidden from view 😦 not cool, and i have no way to make my flickr anything but free. so this is a call to those of you who would like to get me a present (my rez day is coming up soon hint hint) i would really appreciate a paid flickr account so that i can keep on showing off the great places and people that i’m seeing in my travels.

ok i am done being a whore for my photo passion haha.

tomorrow lucas and i will have been dating for 5 months. yay!



i have aquired a new videocard. feast your eyes upon my pretty avatar in all her vertex shaded glory.

new videocard

oh and i have ripple water now too!

newcard videocard

this means great things for both me and the shop. great for me cause now me and lucas can get married. :p great for the shop because now i can SEE so i know what stuff i make looks like X_x.

it’s also nice to be able to wander around places and have NO LAG. i have never been able to walk though the crack den so smoothly as i did yesterday with lucas.

this also means that my photo goodness shall return! as soon as i have time for that sort of activity anyway… my real life job is still sucking up most of my free time and when i get home i want to spend the free time i have with lucas so i’ve got hardly any time to do anything else. not that i am complaining about spending time with lucas… lol i’d rather do that than anything else on the whole wide grid.

in other news, the great and powerful arahan claveau has decided to close his club/installation “super fun happy club”. there is a party for it on saturday for members only so if you’re a member of the group, say hi at the party! i’ll be trying to make a small appearance if i can. 🙂 i wish arahan well and hope that he comes up with another cool project that will prod people in sl to THINK instead of just being a dumbass.

playing mary

that’s it for me. i’m on my way to work. ugh…

nothing says i love you like a mt. dew machine

i logged in tonight to find that my boyfriend had bought and rezzed a mt. dew machine in our skybox… just for me *loves on him*

we are working on our new store! thanks to waghorne truss we will have a space in his shop (redpod designs)! we’ve got the luni group set up but right now it’s invite only so if you’re interested in joining, please lemmie know, or wait until we open it to the public (if we open it… i dunno if we will or not lol)

oohh! ameshin yossarian (of curious kitties) just gave me a free hugs sign! this should be fun XD

getting a freaking videocard soon… just gotta get my paycheck. and then photos will be pretty and maybe even a wedding in my future!


i hope this maintanance finishes soon. i have mushyness to do!

i don’t have anything to say really, i just wanted to post this… lucas and i met 5 months ago in a crater in gypsy moon, and i love him just as much if not more than when i first spoke to him. for him i would move the stars.

gah X_x

my rl has taken over!!! nooooo!!!

what is up second life? shit has been crazy lately. are child avvies illegal? i have no clue. that shit is a touchy subject that i’m not sure i should even get into at the moment.

yes i do have a child avvie, and yes i do sometimes run around in it. but no, i do not do dirty things with it… the very idea of that is pretty disgusting to me.

i have no place to judge people though. second life is a world of fantasy, and people can, and should be able to, do as they wish as long as they aren’t actually hurting anyone.

the video brought out by the german government that started this shit, is rumored to be a setup. the avvies were supposedly made by the people who made the video in an attempt to slander LL. and now thanks to them, sl is going to turn into 1984 and who knows what the next thing will be to get yanked away from us. gor? roleplaying in general? furries? the subject is a snowball that if left to roll could take away anything that anyone conciders “weird” leaving second life to be about as dull as a pg chat room.

what people are failing to remember is, these are adults, engaging in something consensual. the two people who were banned were not under age, and (if it wasn’t a set up to begin with) were willing participants in the acts they partook in. in no way is this against the second life terms of service agreement.

if we stop and take out everything that may be illegal or disgusting in every country, and to every person, then we might as well just remove the second life graphics portion all together. there will always be someone who is offended by something.

my hope is that LL comes to it’s senses and realizes that just because they get a little bit of bad press does not mean that they need to punish us all.

ok now that that is off my chest…

my rez day is next month. please feel free to buy me presents :p or money… money is nice too.

my beloved partner has started building some very nice things in second life. a 3 floor skybox that he is currently texturing (we live in a larger version of it.), some random furniture, and he’s even working on animations. we hope to have the new stuff out for sale any time now *nods* and i’ll make sure to update the blog when that becomes available.

welp that’s all i have to write about, see you in world 😉

i’m going to write!

yes.. i should write here more…

right now i’m sitting here trying to get back to my home sim, it went down or something and i can’t log into it. ugh. so tiresome.


this photo got suddenly really popular O_o it’s been up there for months on flickr but just a few days ago it was noticed and added to 2 very cool flickr groups. one of which is very invite only and hard to get involved in apparently. so that’s pretty cool. i miss taking nice photos like that *kicks computer*

yesterday while shopping lucas and i encountered two of the hugest asses i’ve ever seen in second life. WHY?!?! someone please tell me why these girls think that they need an ass that can double as a flotation device? i just do not understand!!!

this evening i am attending a wedding thing for laylah and her partner horus. laylah is lucas’ sl twin and the owner of the sim which we live on. it should be pretty interesting since they are vampires and what not. if only the sim would come back up so i could figure out what i’m going to wear tonight X_x;