busy busy busy

ugh.. i have been a busy little undead bee since returning to second life with my new graphics card, so i haven’t had time to really blog much.

in a small span of time i have completed my GODart picture, had a rl birthday, updated some skins and tshirts, and helped lucas make an item for the twisted hunt.


my birthday was the 24th and i gave horrible short notice to my friends, inviting them to the party the night before… and so… hardly any of them showed up. some of them were actually online during the party, but me being too timid a person, was too chicken to im them and ask them why they were not in attendance.. meh.. i’m just going to tell myself that they probably didn’t read the note card..

anyway the party was great! we held it in mismera which is an awesome rp sim owned by my friend fenni crispien. the sim is open to the public but not finished, so it was a perfect place to hold our party. we had it in jolene’s which is a really awesome roadhouse style bar and fenni even “baked” me a cake!

Birthday Cake by Fenni Crispien

is that not the most awesome cake you have ever seen in your friggin life??

we partied until dawn and the partied more… after the official party ended, we ended up sticking around, and i played music from my dark secret archive of booty rap.. lol lots of fun and lots of lucas pole dancing! i have the best boyfriend ever…


happy birthday to me!

the GODart picture i can’t show you yet but of course i will be inviting you all to the gallery when its open in september! so you can check it out there along with the other awesome artists that will be shown as well.

the twisted hunt starts september 1st and i can’t wait! we have an awesome prize and as usual its limited edition AND it is another piece to the doll set that the key (from vain’s feb hunt) comes from! in celebration of that, i updated all 3 of my doll skins with the new eloh elliott template and they are GORGEOUS.

i also redid all of my snarkey tshirts and they are looking great! i am getting better at this stuff and it makes me happy to see how much has changed.

now i need a nap X_x


i am BACK!


and i am soooooo glad to be back.. my new videocard is AMAZING! i have never had over 5fps in second life and now i have over DOUBLE that! on ultra even!

for weeks i have been stuck on my dinky little laptop… it felt like i would never see windlight again 😦 but i am so glad that this is all fixed and taken care of! and i got my godart picture done and now i’m open for taking photo clients again 😀 i still haven’t come up with a set fee but i think i have a good idea of what to charge.

also it got here before my birthday! which means maybe i can have a party! i haven’t decided yet because i’m lazy and i might just spend the day being cuddly with lucas. but at least it won’t be on the damn laptop!

so now i’m going to go and sort though the enormous backlog of inventory i have piled up from my time away.

well that was a waste of time!

my video card arrived today and i was so excited to put it in my computer and get everything going again… except it ended up being the worst video card i have ever purchased!

i am not the best at picking computer hardware, because i really don’t know enough about it to make a good decision. i was trying to get something better than the geforce 7300 gt that i had previously, and decided on a geforce 9400 gt instead. the major difference was that the 9400 gt was a pci card, where my other card was an agp. upon installing, i swiftly went to second life expecting a great difference in game graphics, but instead i was faced with 1 measly fps… i get more fps on my laptop and its integrated graphics chip! i was so upset, i actually had a little bit of a panic attack… then i took the card out to my father in the living room and told him to send it back, and we looked up another one. this time we carefully looked at our choices, and instead of an nvidia i am getting an ati card. its an agp card this time, and i’m hoping it will do tons better than the other one. my dad is thankfully really good at smooth talking people, and was able to get our restocking fee waved.

this means that i’m stuck on the laptop for a bit longer, and that makes me pretty disappointed… i’m not sure when the new card will be here, as we have to send back the old card first before we can order the new one. probably another week 😦

apologies and updates

just wanted to apologize for the really awful looking “FILE NOT FOUND” crap popping up on my pages! its temporary, and i am fixing it. the photo host i was using crapped out and deleted entire directories of images, which means i have to reupload them all and edit the pages. working on that now!

my new graphics card should be here around thursday! glad this thing croaked near my birthday… i’m getting a nice new card that has the ability to render SHADOWS! *jumps up and down* so in a way this was ment to happen i guess.. but it still sucks to be without a pc for a week X_x my laptop is helping keep me a little entertained, but i miss sl stuff 😦

and now for some bad news

just a few hours after posting all that about arahan’s art exhibit, my graphics card decided to die… i’ve only had it for a year and already its popped something on the board. yes i have a laptop but its not suitable for ruining sl, just for junk like posting blogs and what not.

thankfully my father is skilled in fixing junk like this, so this could be a very simple and easy to fix thing.. or it could be a long extended away period that i really don’t want to happen.. especially right now, of all times.. when its august, and my birthday is coming up… i hope i will be back inworld swiftly but until this, this is nimil.. signing off 😦

there’s something you guys should see

i have an amazing friend in second life named arahan claveau. he does this amazing stuff called art. do you guys know what art is? no i’m not talking about photo shopping second life pictures, i’m talking about actual art! anyway, he’s a part of this great art show and i think you all should check it out.

brooklyn is watching, is an amazing idea set up by a gallery in the real world called “jack the pelican presents”, that allows people to set up small installations (or not so small) on their sim, at no cost, for about a week, and then they kick it back to you. the coolest part about it is that the whole thing is shown, live, via a computer in the actual gallery, that people in the gallery can navigate around with a small eyeball avatar. so not just second life people get to see the exhibits.

recently “biw” had a huge contest to determine the best of their first year in sl, and finally they chose their 5 winners. those winners are Dancoyote Antonelli, Bryn Oh, Nebulosus Severine, Selavy Oh and Glyph Graves. they were all given a copy of a prim version of the real gallery and told to run with it. their installations will be judged by some people and a winner will be determined out of those 5.

now some of the artists didn’t really like the fact that they were pretty much pitted against one another in a competition, and one of those, the winner selavy oh, decided to make his version of the gallery an installation inside an installation.

selavy asked some of the “rejected” artists to join his exhibit, and show their works. sorta sticking up a middle finger to the whole contest and making it even harder for the judges to decide. i really think he should win solely based on the fact that he gave up his chance to show things in favour of giving his space to others.

one of the people asked to make an installation in selavy’s space, is my dear mr. claveau. arahan has made some amazing, and thought provoking art over the years, and has always been a kind and wonderful friend to me, so i was very excited when he invited lucas and i to see what he had done for the show.

why yes, i am being an ass and not taking a good photo of this so that you will have to actually go and see it!

arahan’s exhibit is very personal to him and though it seems very vacant from this photo, there is a lot of feelings involved in it. he includes a note card which will help you understand what he’s trying to get at, but really even without the note card, you can tell that this is a piece of him. he’s recently also written a blog post about it if you would be interested in a full explanation.

the entire show is pretty amazing, and the artists selavy oh picked are all very different and their exhibits are all very… well.. lets just say, different 😉 and i suck because i forgot the names of most of the people showing in selavy’s space, but i do know that ichibot is also in there, and his stuff is usually a lot of wtf.. but i love it. so dammit there’s plenty to see all around!

the show kicks off today at 1pm slt and runs until august 23rd. you can read more about it, and brooklyn is watching at their website. and do go see the show!

tp to the installations

tp to the party that starts at 1pm slt

and while you’re checking out some fantastic art, do make sure to check out arthole as well.


the card stamp rally (now known as CHOICE!) rolled around and knocked me in the face right after buying a very expensive chunk of furniture >_> my wallet and i are now no longer on speaking terms.

i figured i’d just grab one or two things but as usual i went nuts and ended up with several cards hanging off my body. apparently i have never heard of moderation.

lucas and i finally finished the house saturday and put it down on our land. now the furnishing has begun! we’re still working on that part and need to finish making/buying the rest of the stuff we’re going to be putting in it. but i’m so glad the hard part is over with!

we ended up buying this really awesome (AND HUGE!) bed from a small furniture store called “mangoo” the beds are gigantic but they have very sweet poses in them. but because i am crazy for the pose base that instinct sells, we also bought one of those. still need to mod that and set it up, but for now.. relaxing time…

i also want to apologize if the above photos or any photos on this blog are missing.. the host i use for my blog pictures is crapping out i think… fixed.