how i spent my summer vacation

how i spent my summer vacation

how i spent my summer vacation

i always love finding recreations of real world places in sl. even though sl is supposed to be a make-believe world where we can be anywhere we want, it’s nice sometimes to be on earth, in present day, in a place that i’ve actually been to before when i was younger.

when i was a kid, my mother used to take us on small road trips to visit different places in the states closest to us. one year we went to the rock and roll hall of fame. i sadly have no photos of the trip because cameras were not allowed inside the hall of fame but it was one of my favourite vacations ever.

last weekend lucas found this place by accident. he was trying to fix a glitch where he was stuck floating and tp’ed randomly on the map to see if he would stop. he ended up here and tp’ed me immediately.  he thought he’d just found cleveland, but as i started panning the camera around… i found it.. the rock and roll hall of fame. unfinished, no exibits, but the building was there, and almost exactly like the real one.

places like this make me smile. as summer comes to a close, and i no longer have the money to afford small road trips in real life, it was nice to have almost a mini summer vacation in my second life. sadly i was pressed for time because we were about to go to the artist’s park opening so i neglected to get an lm, but hopefully we will find it again.


a very special episode of nimil in wonderland…

sunday was my RL birthday and i am STILL feeling exausted from it… hah..

i think it may have been the best birthday ever *beams* first at midnight on the 24th (my actual birth hour) lucas took me to probably the BEST movie related sim we have ever seen… REC is a japanese sim for a japanese horror movie which seems to have some spanish related stuff in it? not sure of the details, but if the movie is anything as awesome as the sim then damn i want to see it. we wandered the whole thing, looking at every little sparkly spot (where you can sit and be a part of the scene) even played with the hud which is AWESOME! seriously… a great immersion sim and i want to go back and take photos now.

after that we roamed around aimlessly and then went to bed so we could wake up and plan my birthday party.

i awoke to a wonderful im from gabby, telling me i had presents waiting, and sure enough i had a canimal gift certificate for 1kL! and a pair of Stiletto Moody shoes 😮

i also recieved a beautiful doll key from my big sister lindsay, 1k from lucas because he didn’t know what to get me, and then sky everette im’ed me and told me to pick a hair for free for my birthday! i felt faint lol her hair is GORGEOUS but expensive, it’s worth it’s price though. i ended up with the temptress revisited in black. i never want to take it off!

and then if that wasn’t enough, autumn also sent me hair! it’s adorable, pigtails with a streak on the bottom and the streaks are colour changing! did i mention i love colour changing streaks? well i do, and so i will probably wear the hell out of this hair hehe.

the party was awesome! i was worried it was going to fail because sl decided to have a spaz moment and logins were shutdown twice. but a bunch of people made it 😀 we had the party outside on my back patio, with fireworks and me dj’ing. the guests included a mix of people i knew on sl and people i met recently on plurk. it was quite a night!

after the party i invited our guests to our new inworld homestore location in tainted hearth. everyone loved it which was quite a relief because my nerves were all over the place by that time XD

if you’re interested in visiting the new LuNi store just hit this slurl, i promise you won’t be disappointed!

i wil probably write another post with pictures of my birthday haul after i get done camping this lucky chair at silent sparrow!

i would also like to thank my wonderful friend marx for buying me a year of pro flickr 😀 this means more pictures! definitely!

The ARTist’s Park grand reopening!

The ARTist’s Park

Originally uploaded by Wyatt Benoir

just wanted to blog really quickly that the ARTist’s Park is opening today at 2pm slt! i am one of the guests with an EXCLUSIVE never before seen image available for sale in the gallery! there’s some really great pieces being shown and i am very honored to have been asked to add to the collection. the park is beautiful and the gallery is a phenomenal build! a work of art in its self. so come and see!


what a week this is! it’s my birthday week and it’s already getting exciting! first i came home from walmart to find a year of pro flickr waiting in my inbox, and then later i found out that i was honorable mention in the hair fair flickr contest! and i’ve been invited to attend a pj party and get to see the hair fair before anyone else! whee!

on top of that, saturday the artist park opens and i have an exclusive piece that will be for sale! this is the first time any gallery in sl has recognized my strange and demented imagery and i am very proud to be a part of their re-opening!

sunday is my birthday and i will be the big 2-7. yes not that old but i am big on the birthday thing so i will most likely have a party, and yes you are all invited :p no idea where i am going to hold the party though, so stay tuned for that info!

my first trip to chouchou

so usually i avoid places that are popular at least until they calm down a little. i hate trying to take photos in crowded areas, because someone always walks into my camera view. but last night lucas and i ventured to chouchou for the very first time, and i issued him a challenge. we would both take photos and see who would be better. i haven’t seen his finished ones yet but i chose 2 from the ones i took and this is what i came up with.

forgive me

this one is slightly manipulated, adding some painted hair and a wing. also kinda fuzzied the photo a little.


this one was done completely with windlight, using a torley windlight setting called “good for marriage” no photoshop tweeking except for resizing a little.

chouchou was beautiful, i want to see one of the band’s shows now…

also do make sure you check out the hud, i didn’t use it to take these photos but it really makes you see the sim in a new way. very cool.

work work work!

jeebus this shop thing is taking over my every waking moment! but it’s going to be worth it…

i just wanted to check in on my poor neglected blog for a moment. last night i did the CSR stamp rally and omg why haven’t i seen this before?!?! i had so much fun and found so many kick ass shops to go visit again when i have more cash!

plus, the prizes were wow… first i nabbed the freshman bag from gritty kitty but then my second prize was this beautiful thing:

!!! is that not the most gorgeous freaking armor you have ever seen? it’s all glowing and shiny… and the gun works! i ended up blowing my self up half way across the sim but still… seriously awesome 😮

today is the last day to do this so check out this page and do what it says! if you’re getting confused there is a visual diagram for the instructions and it is in english as well as japanese so check that out for more help.

well i think it’s obvious by now

i can’t keep myself on a schedual lol! i’d planned to do a “from nimil’s closet” every wednesday but i’ve missed it twice now! i have a good excuse for it though. we’ve been super busy with the shop and i’ve hardly had any time to breathe!

to add to my workload i was selected to add a piece to the artist’s park which will be sold as an original! i won’t be able to upload it to flickr or show it off but of course when the artist’s park opens it will be there so you can always check it out there. i have no idea what i’m going to do yet. wyatt gave me full permission to do what ever the hell i wanted so who knows.. haha… it’s probably not a good idea to tell me to go crazy.. guess we’ll find out eh?

for those who are clawing at me for info on the shop, we are 98% done i’d say… just vendors to place and me to finish up my little suprise for the upstairs area. i promise it will be worth it’s wait!

the other exciting thing that happened last night was of course my videocard finally arriving… sl looks SOOOOO much better. it’s seriously gorgeous… i can’t stop staring at the water.. this might also be why i’m not getting anything done but dammit i have been deprived!

i have to get back to making madness.. i shall attempt to make a from nimil’s closet before i go to bed *nods*

ruth challenge!

well i missed last wednesday’s “from nimil’s closet” so i figured i’d do a double shot and toss in some ruth as well! there are a few fashion bloggy people doing posts where they have dressed up ruth. no change to shape just making the original ruth more pretty. so this is my take. these are both unedited in photoshop except to crop a bit and resize so please pardon my jaggies, my graphics card is poo…

hair – *TRUTH* “missy” in Black
skin – [curio] nightshade “glow”
top – *TRUTH* dead festivus tank [coal]
pants – *TRUTH* antique denim [blk]
shoes- urban bomb unit porn star high tops

hair – *TRUTH* “rachel” in honey
skin – [curio] nightshade “glow”
bikini – *TRUTH* skull bikini (steel)

yes i have also gone truth crazy and that’s because they are having a huge ass sale right now where all the hair is 50L and the clothes are varying ammounts of cheap! and yes i see what i did there.. TRUTH.. RUTH… lawl…

ruth isn’t so bad as long as you are using her correctly…