Auto-Biography Of An Avatar

i set foot on second life for the first time on june 11th 2006. some friends had told me about it and i was seriously trying to get on it for about 2 years before i actually got to. i came in with the wave of people who arrived when they stopped making you verify that you existed, mostly because i didn’t have a way to verify, and also because before then i didn’t actually have a computer that would run it.

my first few days in sl i pretty much spent with my friends. i thought that second life was a mostly furry game because my friends were furries and we never left the furry sims. of course i was unable to afford a furry avatar at the time so i made myself look like my real life self (why does everyone do this?) to the best of my limited abilities.

this would be me in a sandbox with the first shirt i ever created (i’ve lost my original first day screenshots *cries*) i was a bit of a british geek when i started out…

i also started on my journey to make avatars of all of my story characters and roleplay characters. of course i started with nimil, since she is my namesake and my favourite.

of course by the time i had enough money to afford a furry avatar i had learned that there were more than furries on second life.

i started deciding i wanted to be a model on second life and so i started out by trying to be one with my normal shape, hair, etc:

at the time i had no idea people had things like prim hair or nice skin… hell i had yet to really meet any humans on second life except for other noobs. so it never really occured to me that i needed a makeover.

after a while i decided to play around with different looks. it was becomming apparent to me that i should be more imaginative, since we were in a world where we could do, and be, anything.

i found prim hair and some new freebie clothes at a neat store and set off to make some new looks for myself.

i think this is probably the oldest living shot of my shape that i still use today. some stuff has been tweeked of course but this is the base shape that lives with me now.

i started hanging out in a club called “The Angry Ant” which was pretty noob friendly and had some interesting people to talk to. it became my home and i spent almost all of my time dancing and partying with these people. the sploder was my friend and i would toss all my camping money into it and win big most of the time. which afforded me some interesting additions to my inventory.

behold! my first set of slutwear… lol

i decided i would probably have to become a dancer to make money on second life but i was too chicken to do it. thankfully i was really cute and people at the angry ant tipped me even though i was not a dancer there.

me dancing on a table in some awful noob clothes

with my new found money i managed to snag a place to live in ravenglass

that’s me on the balcony of my little tower apartment with my custom made audrey 2 shoulder pet.

it was around this time that i met some people i concider family now, and some people that are no longer in my second life. this is also when i invented the rat ears and tail which i still carry with me today… back then they didn’t have shops to buy anything except neko parts so i walked around with hollowed out spheres and a flexi tail made out of a tapered cylinder…

sadly, a couple of days before my rl birthday, the angry ant closed…

we all kinda went our seperate ways but some of us stuck around together.

one person from the club, flea, started a store selling weird avatars and funny junk. i hung out there alot and even had my birthday party in her tree

i got rid of my little apartment since i wasn’t going to be able to make any money to keep it up and went back to living in sandboxes and hanging out at flea’s store. a little while later, one of my friends from the angry ant partnered a girl named minx and they started a club called “The Minx Den”. this time i was a bit less shy and applied to be a dancer there. thankfully they were a non-nude establishment so i didn’t have to do anything too crazy, just dance and greet people.

this is krash on my dance table being a dork :p

second life was starting to get awesome for me. a friend from the net from before second life, trueessence (who i knew previously as krash) had joined and i dragged him everywhere because it was nice to have someone from the old days to hang around with. i’d also started a bit of a family there. with a twin brother, seth, and a couple other siblings.

i got enough money working at the minx den to afford some fun junk including enough cash to reinvent the nimil avatar…

with nimil reinvented i really started to enjoy second life and all it had to offer. my twin wanted a place to live on sl and was offered a little plot by our friends phil and kim. seth begged me to live there too and so i got a little plot next to him.

we lived there for a while until phil wanted to move to a bigger piece of land. we moved to one of those fake islands where it’s really just a sim divided into smaller islands. phil and kim lived in a big house there while we lived on little plots. by this time it was me, seth, and krash.

my house

the only shot i have of the whole plot lol

seth and i ran into this noob named jimmy, looking for stargate atlantas. we took him home with us for no reason and gave him a makeover.

flea’s business was starting to take off and we all spent alot of time at her shop being models for her new avatars. jimmy moved onto phil’s little island with us and we realized we probably need more land…

so we moved to a quarter sim plot. at this point it was me, seth, krash, jimmy, phil and kim. we all had our own little houses, and phil also had put a cool theater in the sky for us to hang out in, but later decided to make a floating sex thing in the sky which he then tore down for more prims… everything kept changing because we would be bored with stuff and want something different.

i decided to play more with avatars since i had money now.. so the kid me was born!

this was back when the child avatar thing was still sorta.. unknown.. especially to me.. so i was shy about showing any of my friends me as a kid. until around halloween when i figured ok they’ll think it’s a halloween costume.

to my amazement they loved it!

at this point i decided to start making and selling some junk and phil and i shared a store on a tiny plot of mainland

i sold badly made tshirts, objects, and other misc junk and i’m really amazed that anyone bought anything.

things of course took a turn for the weird when i went from being jimmy’s little sister to being jimmy’s girlfriend and of course there was alot of drama there that i’m not going to really touch on. i will just say this…

jimmy was a sweet guy, to me.. and only me.. and i have no reason why he was an ass to everyone else i was friends with. if he offended you at some point i appologize… and i appologize for my behaviour at that point in time too. jimmy is a jerk.

jimmy and i when we were still siblings

skipping forward, bad things happened, the minx den shut down, and the drama made me need a new place to live. flea was doing really well so she offered me some space in the sky and i accepted. there was no rent, all the prims i wanted (within reason of course) and all i had to do was keep an eye on her shop when she was busy or not online. easy peasy…

the sky lab…

seth moved there too and we spent all of our online time hanging out in flea’s store. the place was right next to a vampire roleplay sim and we had a bad habit of yelling things at them when they would shout to eachother. lots of fun and sillyness in those days.

flea turned her store into a place for all of us to have stuff if we made things. so i started selling art and tshirts there.

the store grew again and flea built a huge mountain that raised up into the clouds. i turned my lab into a castle and people from the vampire sim would fly over thinking it was part of their game, because they had stuff in the sky as well. i spent alot of time camming into their nightclub watching them roleplay when i was bored…

nimi’s first xmas…

christmas was a bad time… i decided to leave sl, and then minx died in real life of a heart attack.. i came back to sl to be with her friends and grieve… minx had been a very good friend and was one of my voices of reason when things got stupid.

though her and another friend, i met arahan, an artist and all around crazy guy… i hooked him up with seth and they had an adorable , albeit short, relationship. i still think they made the best couple in second life…

this is the last photo i have of minx alive. she died a few days after this was taken. it’s me and arahan dancing and her and lupus dancing.

when i came back to second life. arahan and lupus got me a dj gig with Phreak Radio. i set up a crack house on my sky plot over flea’s shop, and started life again.

the crack house was my favourite place in all of second life. since i had pretty much limitless prims i created the perfect home for myself. one room was done up with weird art and little trinkets. the room was like a mini art installation.

i had a little popularity brewing due to being a dj at phreak and also due to meeting all these interesting people though arahan. he was an artist who had a bad habit of pissing off the moral athority and i loved it. he was my andy warhol (and still is..*nudges him*)

i was a bit lonely though. i spent alot of my time hiding in my crack house or hiding at arahan’s art installations… seth wasn’t on as much due to his internet being crap and jimmy popped up a few times only to leave a path of drama though my second life once more.

i learned how to take photos and how to photoshop them into being pretty. that became a fun hobby…

i loved to explore places. especially weird places. one day i was tossing around the map, hitting random sims with cool names, when i came across gypsy moon. this was the place that changed my life.

it was here that i was im’ed by a random guy named lucas. we ended up spending the majority of the night sitting in a huge crater on the sim, talking about anything and everything. i’d made a new friend…

when i said fuck-it to second life the second time, he im’ed me when i was offline and asked me to come sit with him in a garden. i logged on and went, and after that day we were inseparable

i’d only ment to have him as an sl boyfriend but i ended up liking him a bit much and our relationship ended up in first life as well.

we started a business together, LuNi Designs, which later became [ LuNi ].

but things did not work out between us. 5 years later i pulled the plug.

currently, i am more in rl than i am in second life, but i do still make things under the store ~SongBird~, and i still enjoy photos and wandering.