*kicks rock*

i downloaded the first look viewer after much internal debate with myself… my intention had been to check out windlight but to my dismay after i downloaded and installed the client i found that they had taken windlight out of the new first look viewer and put voice in… *pouts* so i missed out on playing with windlight.

from what i saw on the first look viewer, voice sucks… the new chat box they’ve made for it is kinda weird after being so used to having a seperate box for chat and im’s. also i do not have a mic and none of my friends are really interested in voice so blah. not worth it.

the playboy sim was very um.. interesting. i took a really nice shot on the beach there. they had little poseballs set up for you to do your own playboy shoots i guess lol


i also used that image to take a chance at working with some ideas on fuzzing out the backgrounds for some depth. i think it came out well except for a small spot that i flubbed up and didn’t realize until it was too late to fix it easily. but still, it’s a great shot 😀


“will you?”

so my rez day was pretty quiet *pouts* only a couple of people actually said anything, probably less would have noticed if i didn’t post it all over the place. ah well, i’m not a popular sl person anyway so blah :p

as a gift to me on my rez day lucas and i got properly partnered.

will you?

i guess we kinda eloped but we’re still planning to have a wedding type thing later on.

the update today really borked something and i spent a large quantity of the day bald with a box on my head because i could not face seeing my avatar with no hair lol

hopefully the day will improve :p

we’re going to check out the playboy sim tonight.. this should be interesting…

happy rez day to me

happy rezday me!

my rez day is not until tomorrow but since i’ll be working on that day i figured i would take the time to write about it now.

it’s amazing to look back and see how much has changed for me over the course of just one year.

i made friends, worked in a dance club, lost friends, lived in several different interesting locations, made a store, became a radio DJ, made more friends, lost everything, met my soulmate…

it’s been an interesting transition to say the least.

the wait is almost over

before anything else, here’s some gorgeous images i did this week:

assassin tears of... dirty habit

ahem, anyway yes the wait is almost over, LuNi designs is just about ready to be unveiled! and i am excited! lucas has created alot of really nice stuff and i’ve made some nifty things as well 😀 whee!

hopefully we will be having a grand opening party and i will keep the blog posted if that actually does occur.