major photo snappage


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i’ve started showing off my better second life photos on flickr, since i can upload from hard drive i can fix them up in photoshop a bit and they’re better quality than when i use snapzilla. i’ll still use snapzilla for silly things but the really really nice photos will be on my flickr.

hitech gunnersewer rat bang bang

so lessie… not much to report, got really sick of sl and went crazy? kinda?

met a boy named lucas, i like him 🙂


and he likes me… hehe

so yay, no longer completely angry at second life. now if it would just come back online so i can go snuggle more *pouts*


ok so i lied?

still not inspired enough to do anything productive with my time. mostly trying to find something to do that isn’t second life related but unforutantely with a lack of real life money, second life is pretty much all i have to do.

that’s all i really have to say :s

finally some inspiration

finally getting inspired to build again, sadly sl is working so badly right now that it’s near impossible, but i’m still trying so there may be some new furniture up in the near future 🙂

there IS one new photomanipulation available on slboutique and slexchange, also available in world at Grendel’s Children.

my furniture is also now available at Grendel’s Children.

stuff there has really been booming. a quest roleplaying thing has started, where you guys could win some really awesome stuff!

my real life boyfriend has gotten the urge to build again too and he is planning more really great old cartoon avatars, including the entire crew from the dungeons and dragons cartoon series. so keep your eyes peeled for that, i will of course announce it here on my blog 🙂

my show is on phreak radio on fridays between 5 and 7 sl time (that’s 8-10 est) lots of fun crap goes on during my show, great music, really crazy parties, you guys should come hang out with us on phreak isle.

that’s about all i have to say, avoiding sl right now due to crap lag and no ability to tp anywhere.

happy 2007

wow, a whole year already? time flew by a bit quick me thinks.

it is a new year and with it brings new expectations and new chances. i am “single” on sl. decided i might as well be onthe prowl. this does not mean i’m looking for a real relationship, just something to have when i’m logged in. :p

today my ass got verified! yes! i can now go romp in silent hill once more 😀 how’d i manage to finally get it fixed? american express giftcard! fuck if i’d known that i would have used one a long time ago!!!

ah well, taken care of none the less :3

i am now a dj for phreak radio. i ASSUME my show is on fridays but i’m not sure if the schedual will be changed or something now that some jobs have changed around the station. i’ll keep you posted on that.

not much else to say.