how did that happen?

i was trying to come up with a good way to introduce the blogging world to the new adventure i’ve set out on in second life, but its just for some reason really hard to explain i guess lol.

only in second life can an adoption consist of two people saying “ok you’re mine now :p” and it be binding.

last week lucas and i added a couple of new members to our family. it wasn’t planned and i’m still not sure if it was a good idea (just kidding kids) but we did it and i’m really happy to have them in our life.


so second life, these are my kids. caesey and elijah. one is 6 1/4 and one is 13 going on 21 :p both of them are completely and utterly awesome and i feel very proud to call them my kids.

to some, second life families are weird, but i’ve never felt that way. i think here in this world where we can be anything, we should be allowed to be ANYTHING. and if you wanna be a kid well be one! i think its awesome. so far i’ve gotten to tour an elementary school (hke), attend my daughter’s dj sets (she rocks), run though the kids 50L fridays (they have one too! and its great!) and go to some pretty interesting places.

on top of that i feel peaceful! yes that’s right this has been RELAXING! yeah i know real motherhood would probably be hell on wheels compared to this but this has been wonderful. always someone to hang out with and talk to and everything is so happy and light. i’m really a big kid myself so i have always gotten along with children. i’ve just always thought i would be a crappy mom. and yeah i dunno if i’m being a good mom to them or not (only had them about a week or so.. so not sure)

i do know that i am one of those annoying moms who takes 283497294 photos and makes their kids pose on every friggin poseball in the family section of glitterati.

of course there is the down side which is stupid and annoying.. you can’t take kids to formal ballrooms without the embarrassment of having them kicked out even if they are dressed formally and the club is not an adult establishment (its not like they were having sex there.. they were playing jazz..sheesh.) so we’ve had a little trouble finding things to do with the kids that don’t involve standing in the skybox looking for things to do. what they really need is a family friendly website where people can list this stuff because its so buried under the mountains of FREE SEX!!! and business in a box shops that you can’t find anything worth going to.

ok i’m done ranting. in closing this family thing is really fun. i’m enjoying it a lot 🙂 no i’m not going to lose my evil side being a mom. my kids are devils.. don’t let the cuteness fool you. the first time i met caesey she was floating around our old shop last year wearing love kills (that’s the heart balloon with a noose), and my son likes to tell people we’re rock stars… so they are just like their mommy and daddy. and its slightly inspired me to make creepy stuff that kids can wear as well as adults.


going crazy part 1

lucas is stuck offline for a few days and i’m already going nuts.. its only been a few hours since he left and i can’t sleep 😦 i’ve been on sl twice, changed my avatar’s complete look about 10 times, played other videogames, tried to make a halloween freebie, and sat here looking blank.

i know he’s coming back in a couple of days but its so LONELY without him around 😦

lucas goodiebag outtake

hurry back ❤

busy busy busy

ugh.. i have been a busy little undead bee since returning to second life with my new graphics card, so i haven’t had time to really blog much.

in a small span of time i have completed my GODart picture, had a rl birthday, updated some skins and tshirts, and helped lucas make an item for the twisted hunt.


my birthday was the 24th and i gave horrible short notice to my friends, inviting them to the party the night before… and so… hardly any of them showed up. some of them were actually online during the party, but me being too timid a person, was too chicken to im them and ask them why they were not in attendance.. meh.. i’m just going to tell myself that they probably didn’t read the note card..

anyway the party was great! we held it in mismera which is an awesome rp sim owned by my friend fenni crispien. the sim is open to the public but not finished, so it was a perfect place to hold our party. we had it in jolene’s which is a really awesome roadhouse style bar and fenni even “baked” me a cake!

Birthday Cake by Fenni Crispien

is that not the most awesome cake you have ever seen in your friggin life??

we partied until dawn and the partied more… after the official party ended, we ended up sticking around, and i played music from my dark secret archive of booty rap.. lol lots of fun and lots of lucas pole dancing! i have the best boyfriend ever…


happy birthday to me!

the GODart picture i can’t show you yet but of course i will be inviting you all to the gallery when its open in september! so you can check it out there along with the other awesome artists that will be shown as well.

the twisted hunt starts september 1st and i can’t wait! we have an awesome prize and as usual its limited edition AND it is another piece to the doll set that the key (from vain’s feb hunt) comes from! in celebration of that, i updated all 3 of my doll skins with the new eloh elliott template and they are GORGEOUS.

i also redid all of my snarkey tshirts and they are looking great! i am getting better at this stuff and it makes me happy to see how much has changed.

now i need a nap X_x


the card stamp rally (now known as CHOICE!) rolled around and knocked me in the face right after buying a very expensive chunk of furniture >_> my wallet and i are now no longer on speaking terms.

i figured i’d just grab one or two things but as usual i went nuts and ended up with several cards hanging off my body. apparently i have never heard of moderation.

lucas and i finally finished the house saturday and put it down on our land. now the furnishing has begun! we’re still working on that part and need to finish making/buying the rest of the stuff we’re going to be putting in it. but i’m so glad the hard part is over with!

we ended up buying this really awesome (AND HUGE!) bed from a small furniture store called “mangoo” the beds are gigantic but they have very sweet poses in them. but because i am crazy for the pose base that instinct sells, we also bought one of those. still need to mod that and set it up, but for now.. relaxing time…

i also want to apologize if the above photos or any photos on this blog are missing.. the host i use for my blog pictures is crapping out i think… fixed.

so its Saturday

and i was trying to come up with something to blog about but i couldn’t so instead i’ll just blog about life.

this whole week i’ve been traveling back and forth to 1 store… aoharu. why you ask? well because they have an amazing 50% off sale going on and i need to quell my fear of sculpted prim clothing and colour.

here’s me, fainting in the middle of aoharu, realizing my wallet is going to be raped of its contents any moment…

i ended up not buying as much as i figured i would.. i couldn’t decide on things, and i still could not bring myself to buy clothes that were in colours other than black! (i have a serious problem here…)

i got a shirt, and a jacket/dress thing.. and a hair, which i’ll probably blog all of on forced midnight. stopped off in the shoe department where i was greeted by this scary poster:

ok i am not saying this isn’t amazing photo work, but.. is.. she.. holding her foot up to show it to us!?!?! like “hay guyz! check out my detachable foot!” that’s the part that kinda freaked me out a bit about the whole thing.

so i rushed home after oggling everything and figured i’d drag lucas back there later and force him to buy sexy mens clothing.

bad idea! ok not totally a bad idea because rawr.. lucas looks hot in the stuff he got but holy fuck! the modding he had to do just to get things to fit his body was insane. we’d both expected to have to mod a little of course, but we also figured that, being that the store was japanese, he’d have a chance to fit into this stuff without much mod work because usually the japanese male clothing we find fits him pretty well. not the case here. it took him over an HOUR to mod a suit to fit his body. and another 30 minutes for the two jackets he bought. one shirt we’re still having problems with the collar on. so ouch.. buyer beware, if you aren’t one with the prims, you are going to have a hell of a time. lucas also took the plunge and purchased the men’s sandals with the prim toes. they came out pretty nice, and i decided today to give over to temptation and buy some myself…

yes i am was prim foot virgin, i did not own any pairs of shoes with prim feet, not even prim toes. i was a bit of a snob for a while, stating that i would never… but yes.. i did… i bought not one but 2 pairs of shoes from this store. a pair of heels and a pair of sandals. i bought the wrong colour sandals (that’s what i get for not letting things rez) but i still kinda like them, and i will probably go pick up the right ones later on tonight. oh and then i talked myself into buying a bright green dress.

the shoes that i got were.. interesting.. adjusting them so i didn’t have the scary leg/foot gap was easy, which was a relief.. i have seen so many horribly modded prim feet that i was worried i would look awful. i can’t get them to match my skin completely because my skin is a little more highlighty than the foot skin but i tried my best to match them up.. please do not fug my feet lol i am still a noob at this D:. the hud that you get for the feet is nice except it does not save the custom colours like it says it does.. and i’ll most likely send a note to the creator about that. also i don’t really like the +/- red blue green options.. i would much rather be able to input rgb values like some other shoes out there. however for a first time prim foot wearer, i like them and they look nice on me.

what else did i do this week?

well i got married… again. something that lucas and i have always done. anytime we find a working chapel in second life, we get married. its very romantic and one of these days i will make a wedding album of the photos of all our chapel escapades. this one was set up kinda like a vegas chapel complete with a little veil and bouquet for the bride.

and a sculptie elvis (who’s curled lip makes his face look kinda deformed). so congrats to us for getting married for the 238947294756234723th time.

there was also general silliness last night when my brother invited me to visit him and his wife while they planned out a new sky box. my sister was also there as well as ava’s best friend, so we had a little mini party. this is us playing onigokko.

and so that’s what i’ve done this week. its been alot of fun, and my wallet hates me.

just adding this photo to remind myself, and everyone else.. this is why i log into second life… ❤

Love Thursday: Lucas Gerard

i’ve never really done a love thursday before now, but i figure its another way to talk myself into blogging more since i continue to fall out of the routine.

anyway i decided that i would blog about the person i love most in the whole wide world for my first love thursday, my partner and best friend, lucas

my heart

yes i know.. groan she’s going to talk about her boyfriend.. gag… but dammit i am so happy and grateful that he rezzed 3 years ago saturday. so he is my love thursday.

we fight and fuss at each other but in the end, he really truly is my best friend. no one on this earth has ever been so close to me in all my life and i can honestly say that i would be honored to spend the rest of my life with him.

we laugh like two mad freaks cackling at the stupidest shit… with him i feel safe, and protected, and he knows my every secret.

i am truly blessed to have this man in my life.. even if sometimes i am grumpy with him.

i picked lucas for this love thursday because his rezday is saturday, july 4th and i wanted to honor him in some way.

he is my everything.. he is my love everyday, not just thursdays 🙂


i haven’t written in a while and i’m tired of apologizing for that.. so i’m not gonna. the previously mentioned carrie tribute dress is now available inworld at our store if you are interested in getting it. i’m kinda disappointed in its lack of sales, but instead of being hard on myself i’m just going to say that it was probably just not something the normal crowd would go for, not to mention its my first real attempt at making a dress. but i’m not going to let it stop me. no… i’m going to keep trying and learn, and do better stuff. i know i’ll never be some super fashionista clothing designer, and who are we kidding, i’d never want to be that to begin with. but i do want to make things i am proud of, and even though i am proud of my carrie dress, i can do better.

next week is my 3rd rezday. i have no idea if i am going to party for it, or if i am going to just silently let it slip past. haven’t decided yet.

i totally stopped doing my 365 sl thing and i feel bad now.. its been several days without a photo and i know i need to catch back up and keep going but i just feel very uninspired to do any photos lately…

i do want to get back into photography though and i have been trying to come up with a way to extend my abilities to the public. recently i took some lovely shots of my sl brother and his new wife ava.

caile & avacaile & ava

caile & avacaile & ava

they are adorable together ❤ but i want to do more of these and perhaps for paying customers :p (no i do not charge family..) as well as maybe do some creepier work for people who are interested in that sort of thing. i know i keep talking about it and never do it but i just can’t seem to figure out what to charge for stuff. that’s mainly what stops me.

oh speaking of photos there’s a butt meme going around the bloggers and plurkers of sl, so lucas and i decided to make ours a double 😀

i dunno if that will show up for everyone, i had to flag it moderate because last time i left a butt photo flagged safe flickr had a hissy fit. we have cute butts, flickr should be glad i put our asses on there at all.

and so my blogging for today ends. i dunno what else to say.

Lucas + Nimil on post 6, and other junk

just wanted to link this 😀 lucas and i were recently featured in the herald as a post 6 couple. enjoy a little history about how we came to exist in this strange new world, and of course, some nudity :p oh and for those who are curious, the “i’m really a man” shirt was made by me, and i hope to set it up for sale soon. and no i am not really a man.

thank you bunny for letting us be a part of this! i’ve been reading the herald for a long time now.. yeah it’s not really a respectable sl newspaper but its amusing and i like things that are amusing.

the article is also great because the photos were taken in tainted hearth. those who don’t know, tainted hearth was built to be a darkly themed sim featuring some like-minded content creators. sadly, because tainted hearth was built on an open sim, the owners do not have the money to continue running it at the new higher price that LL has set. so tainted hearth will be returning to the depths at the end of this month. we dedicate our post to the sim, and it will be sorely missed. please go visit it if you have not, take a moment to enjoy the art that has been placed there, and make some memories of your own before it’s too late.

i guess i seem a bit silent recently, people may have noticed i’m not logging on as much anymore. i’m taking a little bit of a break. the holiday season always takes a toll on me and i tend to get grumpy and bleh… but i am hoping to work on a few projects and try to get better at some things in the coming year. my new years resolution will be to try harder, to not be such a basket case, and to be a bit more tactful with things. the things that come out of my mouth are sometimes not the best choice for situations.. but i am learning to curb that.

anyway, happy giftmess and enjoy your new year.

ok and now a post about halloween

puppet and master

so this was our second annual halloween party, last year’s was a great success and this year’s was even better!

this year our personal theme was puppet and puppet master. our venue was a giant doll house, decorated with shadow gears on the dance floor, and huge puppet master hands holding marrionette controls, who’s strings hung down over us as we danced.

pre-halloween party 2008 pre-halloween party 2008 we had some great costumes at the party, the winners of our costume contest were daphne abernathy and dazz anvil. both won special edition skins which are not sold in our store and have never been seen before. halloween party 2008 of course everything started out with chaos. we had some teleport issues and at one point the island was completely inaccessable! i was stuck there all by myself and lucas was stuck in the corner of a near by sim! but the night ended well, and after all of it, we had a wonderful time. you may kiss the bride i also made time to get married that night 🙂