my favourite place

you know… i opened this program on monday to do a blog challenge post on my favourite place in sl. but for some reason i could not come to one specific place that i concider my "fave". i mean.. my house, for one.. is a favourite place…


i have the ocean before me, photos of loved ones, big smushy couches, and the skylab…

but a girl has to leave home once in a while…

i like midian a meeting

one of the first roleplay sims i ever joined.. i still go there, to people watch.. and on the odd occasion play my quirky little rat girl…


i like water in second life… i don’t have the ability to see the ocean in my real life.. so being able to go and stand on a rock overlooking a stormy sea when ever i feel like it is really a great place…

how i spent my summer vacation

i love rl places rebuilt in second life! i have no idea why… but sometimes it’s fun to visit something real in a world where everything is fake… sort of tethering i suppose.. and reminds us that we still cling to worlds we know even in a world of imagination.

so here it is on sunday and i’ve finally decided: sl is my favourite place.


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