and then sl went boom.

so we had an attack of the grey goo last night, which sucks :/ i was hoping we’d seen the last of it. tonight the database sploded or something cause it died and we all got kicked off sl.

boredom has left me sitting here pondering what to do. ugh. before the kick, i was dancing around like a dork at sanctuary rock (which is an awsome rock club btw).

due to dramalama, i no longer live where i did, and instead live 670m up above grendel’s children, in a skybox abandoned lab. i’ll take some pictures later after i finish furnishing it up a bit more.

did a little makeover on myself. my real life boyfriend loves it haha and why? well, because i look like the baroness from gi joe.

anyway i think i’m pretty cute looking. the glasses really suit me.

tossing over the idea of joining crimson, but not sure if i really want to or not. i guess i’ll mull it over more when i can get back on SL.

for now that’s all i have.


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