a change

hello readers! if you are interested in continuing to read my personal blog about second life, please visit my new domain http://nimil-blackflag.net/.


apologies and updates

just wanted to apologize for the really awful looking “FILE NOT FOUND” crap popping up on my pages! its temporary, and i am fixing it. the photo host i was using crapped out and deleted entire directories of images, which means i have to reupload them all and edit the pages. working on that now!

my new graphics card should be here around thursday! glad this thing croaked near my birthday… i’m getting a nice new card that has the ability to render SHADOWS! *jumps up and down* so in a way this was ment to happen i guess.. but it still sucks to be without a pc for a week X_x my laptop is helping keep me a little entertained, but i miss sl stuff 😦

another small yay

i know i know i need to make the website pretty and what not but i figured i would blog shortly because i have a new videocard on the way *dances* and this means a lot more fun for me because finally i will be able to get more than 5 (if i’m lucky.. it’s usually 2) FPS on second life™!!! i’m hoping that for now that will be the only thing needing upgraded X_x if anything else requires more power or something… i will just wait until i can purchase a whole new computer.

in other news, since we are on the yay subject, i am in our almost finished shop right now, dancing while lucas finishes building! we were kindly asked to plop a store down on tainted hearth which is owned by aza zymurgy and lacey mertel, well known for their very cool shadow things shop. the sim is gorgeous and creepy and still being built, and we are very greatful to have this opportunity to join them there 😀

the top part of the shop is going to have a little gallery for my work (hopefully) and that should be fun to put together as well.

with all this new stuff and yayness i’m getting inspired and have the drive to actually make things! so hopefully we’ll have some new goodies out soon!


i have to fiddle with some things and make myself a wordpress theme but… yay look! i can has hosting that isn’t wordpress.com :3 thank you marx for being a helpful little bun bun!