i want to play cloud party!

since it was mentioned a couple of days ago, i’ve been attempting to join the rest of my sl plurk pals in the facebook virtual world of “cloud party” however i’ve had no luck thus far. every time i attempt to join the game i get this:

i know other people are playing because i’m sitting here looking at screenshots! but i am sadly unable to get into the world no matter how much i try. its been 3 or 4 days now and still no luck 😦


Just Say No To Internet Censorship

No Clean Feed - Stop Internet Censorship in Australia

i am very thankful to live in a country where censorship is very minor, and we have the right to freedom of speech both online and off. but unfortunately it is not the same all over the world.

moggs oceanlane is raising awareness to this completely ridiculous plan that her government is attempting to put into action. its ment to protect children from inappropriate content however it also punishes adults who are doing nothing wrong. it is not the government’s place to decide what is right and wrong to look at online or what information one can access. it should be up to the individual to make that decision. parents should pay attention to what their kids are doing on the internet and that’s it!

if this law goes though, austrailia will become the 4th country in the world to have centralised internet filtering, joining china, iran and saudi arabia. as well, the filtering will not only limit what austrailians are able to access but it will also significantly slow the broadband network and it is likely to cause an increase in price for internet service.

what can we do to help? well if you are an aussie and you agree that this is complete bullshit, write your government! let them know what you think! spread the word to your friends, get as many people involved as you can! you do not deserve to be filtered out and cut off from the world’s information.

other ways to raise awareness (stolen from moggs’ blog):

  • black out your online profile pictures. overlay your profile pics with a black layer and display the #nocleanfeed text.
  • inform your friends via your social networks- if you tag your blogs or twitter posts, use the tags nocleanfeed and if you wish, openinternet
  • sign this petition being run by Electronic Frontiers Association

lets help austrailia maintain a little piece of freedom.

seeking out new worlds

sometimes you get a little bored with second life.. and you want to branch out, maybe find new worlds and new adventures… some turn to WoW.. some turn to IMVU.. but today i decided to try a random place i saw on a banner ad when i was playing a puzzle game on gaiaonline.com.

let me introduce you to missbimbo.com!


in missbimbo.com your goal is to become QUEEN BIMBO OMGkladsfasdksjflakfjdj!!!!!! it sounds easy but it’s really not. you have to get your parents permission to sign up, mine said no, but i made an account anyway 😉


you start out cold, almost naked, and friendless.. it’s kinda like second life. unlike second life you start out with 1k bimbo dollars to make yourself more um… bimbo-tastic. its tempting to go on a little shopping spree because of course.. this default avatar girl will not do.

browsing the shops i noticed that you can buy all kinds of things.. even drugs!

buying drugs yay!

and of course i was very shocked when i realize they just had to be spying on me some how! as they knew that i lived with my parents!

how did they know???

this game will also help teach your young daughter (or son) how to be a gold digger when they are old enough to have a boyfriend 😀

money means i love you???

gee i hope someday i can find a handsome hottie boyfriend who will give me money every day just because he loves me! *bats eyelashes at lucas*

the site also has games where you can earn iq and bimbo dollars but i found this wordgame to be pretty tough!


wtf is a “lasket”???

and this is where i get off…


after denoobing myself, i soon realized that this world was just too expensive.. and my mom wouldn’t buy me more bimbo dollars so i will never be queen of the bimbos… 😦