Create a Character Challenge : Torch

she was only a child when she was stolen from her home. her memories are faded, broken things. she cannot even tell you what her real name was, or what her home looked like… she cannot remember the faces of her parents…

the cy-doc who stole her, used her for horrible experimentation. mental and physical torture. she endured years of this, wishing daily for it all to end, for him to finally just decide to terminate his project.


instead, torch found freedom when her anger got the best of her, the cy-doc and his torture chamber lab went up in a blaze of broken metal and charred flesh. she had blown it up with her mind… what ever he had done to her he had given her this power,  maybe it was by accident, or maybe his madness had gotten the best of him.


after breaking free and coming to terms with her forced augmentation, torch, who named herself after what she had done to her captor’s lab, became part of the resistance. she became a one woman demolition crew, seeking out coalition bases, and destroying everything she can.  she is wanted in several states, and her bounty would fetch you a pretty hefty load of credits.


torch’s hatred of robotics, and augmenters runs deep. as part of his disgusting mutilations, the cy-doc had affixed metal wings to her bones and muscles, and by augmenting her dna, he was able to make it so that these cruel wings could extend and retract from  her flesh, causing pain to her upon extension, but then the skin would heal again. she rarely ever brings out her wings, except when she is in great danger and has no other option. the wings sported diamond sharp razors which could slice anyone who got in the way, but she could never use them to fly, only glide if necessary.

torch was my rp character for a lengthy RIFTS campaign. a very fun post-apoc style table top rpg game. now she sometimes randomly appears in the insilico sims. she is my bad ass, and my protector against robots.  i am afraid of robots in real life, have been since i was a little kid, so this character is in a way, a way of coping with that fear. she blows them up for me :p


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