Beautiful Freaks


come one come all to the beautiful freaks burlesque circus! last night i was invited by my dear friend jessyka richard to see her debut performance in the center ring. it was an exciting night filled with curiosities. she did an amazing show and blew away the audience 😀

for those that missed it, here are some photos of the night.


our emcees, boo and curt provided witty banter between the preformances.


there was a lady on a car, in a very cool bubble that had a moving city scape to give the appearance that she was on a moving car.


a hungry vampire temptress cooed to the crowd, trying to grab a late night snack.


a pirate danced for the mermaid he caught.


jessyka’s performance which was an interesting tribute to second life! i won’t go into detail, you’ll just have to see it for yourself sometime :p


a sexy psychopath in a padded room who snipped away at her dress with a pair of surgical scissors


and a lovely dolly rounded out the night with a bit of a particle light show.

it was a very cool night and all the performers did very well! i am proud of my jess and i think she is going to be an exceptional addition to the cast.

the beautiful freaks circus preforms every friday and you can get there by following this slurl.


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