4/365 would you like to learn to fly…


i figure i should get a theme to my 365 pictures instead of just doing something random. it makes me put forth effort and actually make something instead of just a lazy photo. i’m sure there will be those as well but this is one of my more artsy attempts. i was listening to “one of my turns” from the pink floyd album THE WALL while i was trying to come up with a good idea for this one. and i ended up just illustrating the song in my head. so i guess yesterday’s theme was “illustrate a song”

and i do apologize for not posting this yesterday which was day 4 because i was lazy after making the picture.

the straight jacket there is from :guiled: and is available for the serial killer hunt going on at the moment. the chair is from some japanese place that i cannot think of the name of right now. the background is a mix of textures from my favourite texture place: resurgerie, and a filter forge texture that looks like a padded room.

oh yes and you should probably click on the photo so you get the big picture cause my blog made me shrink it. (i need a new layout…)


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