adventures in japan: Giftmas Edition

its giftmas time and lucas and i decided to go check out probably the BEST giftmas event on the entire grid. the love soul and nipponbashi sims are COVERED IN ZOMBIES! santa zombies to be technical, and they need your help to put a stop to their evil rein of terror.

here we are in our battle gear for... er... aren't you cold?

lucas and i carefully donned out battle gear in preparation for the task at hand… ok i donned battle gear.

(actually he put on the santa suit but sl would not let me see it so lol this is what he was wearing when he got here)

you start out with a choice between reindeer or santa suit, a hud and a pillow starter weapon. the object of the game is simple, beat the shit out of zombies, level up, and collect prizes along the way!


the pillow sucks but it has a great death animation :p

what did the five fingers say to the face?!?!

i finally leveled up and found a ticket for the death hand which is quite useful though i keep running out of energy very fast D:

we kicked this thing's ass

lucas and i took to the streets of nipponbashi and battled many scary boss zombies. i died many times.

someone translate this lol

we also browsed some of the shops and cafes along the way. someone translate this for me.. because i want to know what it says lol.


i found out that the cake really is a lie.. and often contains traps.


and lucas found a merry go round that makes you sit on a pig in a slutty pose.

i saw this and thought of you arahan

we even found awesome gift ideas for arahan!


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