meshes and shadows…

its been an annoying couple of weeks for me on second life due to some strange teleport issues that only affect me when on an old style ui viewer such as snowglobe or imprudence. so i’ve been using kirstens viewer since it allows me to actually leave my home. since i’m on it i’m playing with shadows since i can :p

test build 40 of the s20 viewer is very nice and anti aliasing seems to have improved from previous builds. still not great but getting a lot smoother.


my front patio is looking gorgeous… its kind of tempting to stick with this viewer. the UI is starting to give me less of a headache but kirstens does not include rlv or temp texture uploads 😦 i wish someone would fork it and patch it…

today was also the start of the mesh beta so i grabbed that viewer as well and tried stuff out! its pretty crowded right now so it was hard to log in to the test regions but i finally got in and uploaded a dumpster i’d previously made in 3ds max back in june.


this is what it looked like in 3ds max

low poly dumpster

now its time to stop goofing off and work a bit more! lots of cool stuff coming out at [ LuNi ]


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