thank you linden lab!

i know i have been bitchy about decisions LL has made in the past. but without them i would not have second life, so in the end, i will always respect their wishes.

when the blog post and email came though that emerald viewer would be blocked from second life i was so happy. thank you linden labs for not dropping the ball on this! thank you for protecting us from a malicious viewer even though there were so many people using it!

seriously, if you are dumb enough to keep clinging to the emerald client after all that has come out about their devs, then you deserve to have your information stolen. LL is not at fault for this, the people behind emerald who were making poor choices and stupid decisions were at fault. this is not a plot to make people use 2.0, if it was, they wouldn’t have mentioned that there are other clients to choose from, they would have just said, hey, use our viewer now!

as i mentioned in my last blog, lordgreggreg’s post sent me running to imprudence for fear of my privacy and i have no reason to look back. even with emergence and now phoenix, i refuse to trust any of these people, because too much has gone on involving them. i do think jessica seems a bit more level headed than the rest of the devs that appeared in interviews and blog posts. i know there were many behind the scenes that had nothing to do with what happened, however for those who did know, i have nothing but contempt for you.

i wish people would stop trying to ruin second life. it is my second home. it is my escape from the horrible first life i have to live with every day. adding stress to my second life just makes things worse for me and i’m sure others as well. why can’t people just have fun and stop making things harder for everyone else?

if you haven’t tried imprudence, i really suggest you do. its a great client and the devs are super nice. they are trying to do all they can to make the users happy and are very concerned with keeping our private information PRIVATE. they supply weekly experimental releases which contain new fixes and new features, and there’s nothing that i miss from emerald.

on top of all of it. IMPRUDENCE HAS WORKING HIGH RES SNAPSHOT!!! if you are a photographer you know the pain in the ass that comes from having to manually step up your image size to a larger size than your screen so you have better detail control. high res snapshot is supposed to do that for you but every other client i’ve used, this function did nothing. on imprudence it actually works! images are bigger than your screen and all you have to do is check a box 😀

i don’t really like the 2.0 ui otherwise i’d probably spend more time in kirstens viewer. the shadows in that viewer are spectacular, as you can see from these shots of the new [ LuNi ] store:

in with the new

in with the new

that strange shadow cast there is from the broken glass texture on the outside of our store’s orb

in with the new

an unexpected result but a cool one!

the only other major thing i dislike about the kirstens viewer is that anti-aliasing is broken 😦 once she fixes that, it will be an amazing photo client. that, the ui, an the lack of features that i require as a creator (temp textures!!!) keep me on an old style viewer.

anyway, stfu about LL being bad because they blocked emerald. they might have just saved your bank account and other important information. you have tons of alternatives.


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