my computer is dead.

this is just a message to let you know that my computer has taken its last breath and has passed on today at sometime while i was asleep. the video card fan has stopped turning and this has pretty much given me the kick in the tail needed to go ahead and use my savings to purchase a new computer.

it lived a good life, but probably lived longer than it should have. i bought it from walmart in 2004 (i think it was 04?) after i fried my first computer. its lived though several upgrades but i think the day has come to lay it to rest and go get the monster computer sitting in my newegg wishlist basket.

anyway, because of this i will not be on second life much if at all until i get this new computer ordered. the only computer i have at the moment is my mother’s laptop which is kind of crap. i do have my ipod and the pocket metaverse app so you might see me show up online to get offlines or something but i will not be able to do anything else.

i should be back soon, i just have to go order this monster. if anyone has any questions about LuNi please direct them to Lucas Gerard as i will not be able to handle anything sl related until i return.


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