the blog i ment to write a couple days ago

oops *dusts off the blog* sorry i’ve been pretty much MIA for a while here. my second life has been just a wee bit boring and i’ve been stuck in RL with some things as well.

the other day was my 4th rezday in second life. i’m really surprised i made it this long.

when i started second life, i was not really joining it for any specific reason. i just like to join things, i like to play video games, and they had just opened the sign ups for people without credit cards, so i joined. i had seen second life over the shoulder of someone else, but they were strictly just a furry so i only saw the furry part of sl, and i assumed that furries ran the place. of course i was wrong :p

i used to go to random places like the angry ant, and sit on a bar stool or in a booth and watch other people because i had (and still have) absolutely no social skills. i guess one of the reasons i actually joined was because i was trying to force myself to be social in some way or another.

that is where i met my second life sister lindsay. she was a dancer at the angry ant. she’d only started second life a few months before me and she seemed like the life of the party, so i had no idea why she was talking to me, goofy little noob, but she was, and we ended up best friends. even though my stupid times and even though her stupid times, we have never lost that friendship. most likely if i had met her in real life, we never would have spoken, but thanks to second life, we have a bond that will last forever.

i love second life because it has helped me in so many ways, and even though there have been times when i have wanted to grab lindens by the collar and shake them for stupid ideas that they have come up with (the verification mess, the 2.0 client, the homestead crap) i still would not trade this world for any other. because of second life i have gained skills, i have made friends, and i found my soul mate. i have been a mother, a fashion designer, a model, a photographer, a dancer, and half a dozen other things.

i sound like some sort of infomercial for second life don’t i? every year i sit here in awe at how much i have changed since the first time i logged on. sure i still have a lot to work on, and yeah i’m still pretty bad at some things, but i have learned so much here, and i think i would be pretty lost if it went away.

my rezday party was small, and that’s my fault because i didn’t decide i wanted one until it was already half over. i dj’ed some random crap for who ever showed up from my and lucas’ friends list. it was mostly our sl families. and then i zonked out like a rock and forgot to do my poppins jump photo for moggsy 😦 i’ll have to do a belated one.


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