29/365 happy 3 years

29/365 happy 3 years

29/365 happy 3 years

Originally uploaded by NIMIL[♥]LUCAS !3 years!

3 years ago today, i made a decision that changed my entire life, both inworld and in real life…

today was the day that i decided that i loved lucas, and that it was more than friendship. today was also the day that i decided to return to second life. it was on this day that i was planning a bit of an avatar suicide. i was sick of dealing with crap and i just really saw no reason to log on anymore… and then i got a simple email.. an offline message, asking me to come to a garden.

i’d just met him weeks before, but the moment we met i knew there was a reason for him to be in my life… and so i took him up on his offer, and i went to that garden, i sat, and we talked, about mutual unhappiness with things and people and what not…

i found my soulmate and i’ll never let go.


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