just so you all know

i figure i should write here because i’ve been quite absent for a while, pretty quiet both inworld and out.

in late october my dad fell ill again, his pacemaker fired a bunch of times and he was stuck in the hospital for about 13 days. he came home in november and was significantly weakened from all that time in the hospital. near thanksgiving my mother had a small stroke and was in the hospital for a few days as well. she is mostly ok, her speech is slurred and she has some right side weakness but we are told that it will go away in time. then my father became very ill and a couple weeks ago we put him back in the hospital to take care of some matters. we were told he would not make it. he requested to come home, to be with his family.

yesterday afternoon my father died in his bed, while i slept (i had stayed up all night like an idiot) and my mother rested in her bedroom. he went peacefully and without pain. i’m not sure how much i will be in sl. i have been wandering in randomly because its a good place to escape from crap when you don’t have the ability to run away in real life.

long term i know i will still be around, and i thank all of my sl friends who have been here for me during this awful time. its amazing how much kindness you can receive from people who don’t even know you in person. i think it really shows just how connected we all are as human beings. my dad hated second life and he thought i was ruining my life with it, but i think he would be happy to know just how many people are there looking out for me and worrying over me right now.

so anyway, that’s what’s going on with me…


5 thoughts on “just so you all know

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  2. *Great big bear hugs of love* You and your family are in my thoughts darling, and we’ll be waiting for you in SL when you’re ready again.

  3. *Hugs you tight*

    I cried when I read this. I am so sorry. Please know that my heart and prayers go out to you and your family. Let me know if I can do anything to help you smile. XXOO

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